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The Vita-Learn board of directors, VSLA board of directors, conference organizers, and Killington Grand Resort Hotel are working together to help keep our event participants safe and healthy during the Vermont Fest Conference. Please click here for our Duty of Care plan.

Be A Presenter!

Vermont Fest is seeking presenters who bring thought leadership, innovation, and expertise to inspire and support Vermont teachers, librarians, edtech coaches, technology managers, and technology and school leaders.

Present at Vermont Fest

Share Your Passion and Expertise! Submission Deadline August 31, 2021!!!

Proposal Deadline — August 31, 2021

Considerations as you Plan your Proposal

  • The conference committee is particularly interested in sessions that provide and foster one or more of the following:
    • innovative uses of edtech
    • thought leadership
    • hands-on, practical  edtech skills
    • innovative approaches to school, technology, and/or library management
  • Your audience generally falls into one or more of three groups:
    • Teachers, Librarians, Technology Integrators/Coaches
    • Technology Managers and Technicians
    • Technology & School/District Leadership.
  • Broadly speaking, proposals should fall into at least one of three categories:
    • Teaching & Learning
    • Library Leadership & Management
    • EdTech Leadership & Management.

Conference Workshop Details

  1. When: Thursday, November 4 or Friday, November 5
  2. Length: 60 Minutes (15 Minutes for Flash Sessions)
  3. Format: 1) Presentation/Lecture, 2) Hands-on Workshop, 3) Panel Discussion, or 4) Flash Session
  4. Details: Accepted Flash sessions will be grouped so that up to 3 sessions will share a 1-hour presentation slot.
  5. Presenter Benefit: If your proposal is accepted, you will be provided a 1-Day conference registration for the day of your session at no cost.

Pre-Conference Workshop Details

  1. When: Wednesday, November 3
  2. Length: 2.5 hours
  3. Format: 1)Hands-on Workshop or 2) Facilitated Symposium
  4. Details: Pre-Conference Workshops may require an additional registration fee for attendees, and they may also include hardware or software licenses if needed for the workshop. Costs will be included as part of an additonal registration fee. Please include known purchase costs in your proposal. Vermont Fest will collect all registration fees and facility the purchase of any necessary software or hardware in support of your proposal. Please include the minimum and maximum number of participants for the session.
  5. Presenter Benefit: If your proposal is accepted, you will be provided a 2-Day conference registration at no cost.

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