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PowerSchool: Employee Records

Employee Records

Part of the PowerSchool Unified Talent™ Solution

Online K-12 employee records management software that minimizes onboarding paperwork and simplifies regular HR and talent management tasks.

Your Solution for K-12 Employee Records Management

Give your staff more time to focus on people with our HR software for schools that streamlines workflows, simplifies processes, and keeps records secure.


Paperless, Online HR

Embrace streamlined, digital HR workflows and forms that make your staff’s lives easier.

Stay Audit-Ready

Reports and dashboards show missing, due, and expiring documentation. Plus, your digital library makes it easy to find previous files.

Easy Employee Lifecycle Management

Process employee documentation online with task management and email reminders to ensure timely completion.

Enjoy Continuity of HR Operations

Gain visibility into next steps for digital form completion and approval with configurable workflows and checklists.

Validate Forms Digitally

Easily certify employment contracts and new hire documentation with e-signatures.

Purchasing Consortia and pricing Information

PowerSchool offers a group purchasing option for Employee Records. Vita-Learn is acting as the fiscal agent and group purchasing agent on behalf of Vermont SU/Districts that choose to join the consortia. Consortia members must be Institutional Members of Vita-Learn to join the consortia. Most Vermont SU/District are already members and leverage Vita-Learn’s purchasing consortia opportunities. If you are unsure if your SU/District is already a member, contact Jeff Mao.

Pricing for Employee Records is comprised of four components [UPDATED April 18, 2023]:

  1. Annual Subscription — The annual subscription is priced on a per pupil basis. Standard subscriptions range from $6500/year for very small populations to $3-5 for districts ranging from 1300 to 3000 students. As a consortia member, the per pupil rate is applied in the aggregate, and Vita-Learn anticipates that we will see over 10,000 students represented in the consortia. As such, we anticipate the rate to be $2.55/pupil. If the consortia grows above 25,000 students, the rate will drop to $1.84/pupil.
    Consortia Size (students) Cost/student
    10k-25k $2.55
    25k-50k $1.90
    50k+ $1.25
  2. Gold Site Setup — The Gold site is a common set of reports and tools that will be developed by PowerSchool for use by all SU/Districts in the consortia. The setup fee is based the numbers of member institutions in the consortia.
    Consortia Members (SUs) Cost Per
    10-14 $832.50
    15-20 $585.50
    21 $465.50
  3. Records Database Setup — Each consortia member will have a one-time set up fee based on the number of instances of Employee Records they require. Each instance costs $250.
    1. For members that utilize the PowerSchool e-Finance system, a 1:1 relationship must exist between e-Finance and Employee Records in order for the data to flow between the systems. If your SU is an e-Finance user and has 3 districts, your set Records Database Setup cost would be 3 x $250 = $750.
    2. For members that do not use e-Finance, all employees in the SU may be housed in a single instance of Employee Records. If your SU is NOT an e-Finance user, your Records Database Setup cost would be $250.
  4. Enablement/Training — Each member must purchase an enablement/training package from PowerSchool. There are two packages to choose from, Basic and Better. Each includes training and initial set up support

Based on initial interest, the following pricing structure would be used:

  • Annual Subscription: $2.55/student
  • Database Setup: $250/instance (eFinance users need one per while non-eFinance only need one total)
  • Enablement/Training: $2835/SU (Basic) or $5550/SU (Better)
  • Gold Site Shared Cost: $832.50/SU
  • SU has 4 districts, 1200 students, and uses eFinance Plus and chooses the “Better” option:
    • Annual Subscription: $2.55 x 1200 = $3060
    • Database Setup: $250 x 4 = $1000
    • Enablement/Training: $5550 (Better)
    • Gold Site Shared Cost: $832.50
  • TOTAL: $10,422.50
  • Annual renewal 2024-25: $3180 (PowerSchool has an annual uplift of 4%. This price assumes no enrollment change and that the consortia doesn’t change size).
  • SU has 3 districts, 750 students, and does not use eFinance Plus and chooses the “Basic” option:
    • Annual Subscription: $2.55 x 750 = $1912.50
    • Database Setup: $250 x 1 = $250
    • Enablement/Training: $2835 (Basic)
    • Gold Site Shared Cost: $832.50
  • TOTAL: $5830
  • Annual renewal: $1987.50 (PowerSchool has an annual uplift of 4%. This price assumes no enrollment change and that the consortia doesn’t change size).

Ordering Instructions

In order to ensure that new consortia members are able to begin enablement and setup in early July, new consortia member orders must be received by April 30, 2023. Renewal invoices will be automatically be sent by Vita-Learn to all consortia members in April.

PowerSchool Employee Records Order Form

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