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PowerSchool: Employee Records

Employee Records

Part of the PowerSchool Unified Talent™ Solution

Online K-12 employee records management software that minimizes onboarding paperwork and simplifies regular HR and talent management tasks.

Your Solution for K-12 Employee Records Management

Give your staff more time to focus on people with our HR software for schools that streamlines workflows, simplifies processes, and keeps records secure.


Paperless, Online HR

Embrace streamlined, digital HR workflows and forms that make your staff’s lives easier.

Stay Audit-Ready

Reports and dashboards show missing, due, and expiring documentation. Plus, your digital library makes it easy to find previous files.

Easy Employee Lifecycle Management

Process employee documentation online with task management and email reminders to ensure timely completion.

Enjoy Continuity of HR Operations

Gain visibility into next steps for digital form completion and approval with configurable workflows and checklists.

Validate Forms Digitally

Easily certify employment contracts and new hire documentation with e-signatures.

Purchasing Consortia and pricing Information

PowerSchool offers a group purchasing option for Employee Records. Vita-Learn is acting as the fiscal agent and group purchasing agent on behalf of Vermont SU/Districts that choose to join the consortia. Consortia members must be Institutional Members of Vita-Learn to join the consortia. Most Vermont SU/District are already members and leverage Vita-Learn’s purchasing consortia opportunities. If you are unsure if your SU/District is already a member, contact Jeff Mao.

Pricing for Employee Records is comprised of two components:

  1. Annual Subscription — The annual subscription is priced on a per pupil basis. Standard subscriptions range from $6500/year for very small populations to $3-5 for districts ranging from 1300 to 3000 students. As a consortia member, the per pupil rate is applied in the aggregate, and Vita-Learn anticipates that we will see over 25,000 students represented in the consortia. As such, we anticipate the rate to be $1.84/pupil. If the consortia grows above 50,000 students, the rate will drop to $1.25/pupil.
  2. Setup — A one-time setup and implementation fee that includes a statewide PowerSchool Project Manager, deployment consulting, and a Gold site. The Gold site is a common set of reports and tools that will be developed by PowerSchool for use by all SU/Districts in the consortia. The setup fee is based on two factors, the total number of SUs in the consortia, and the number of districts in each SU. For example, if the total consortia represents 18 SU/Districts, then the set up pricing would come from the column labeled “15-20”. For any given member, if a school system is a single district, then the one-time setup cost would be $1,060. If a school system was a Supervisory Union made up of 4 districts, then the one-time setup cost could be $1,810.

Ordering Instructions

Based on prior surveys completed by some SU/Districts conducted by AOE, Vita-Learn is confident that the set up pricing will be at most, the pricing from the “15-20″ column (above). However, for the purposes of Purchase Orders, please use the pricing from the first column (“<15 SU“). You will be invoiced based on the best pricing depending on the size of the consortia group.

Please submit orders no later than COB June 1, 2022 to allow for enough time for the consortia to finalize pricing, begin the implementation process with PowerSchool, and have your Employee Records access be set up for the start of school.

PowerSchool Employee Records Order Form