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It’s Time to Stop The Communications Chaos

ClassTag Connect is an all-in-one family engagement platform built for school & district leaders that solves the problem of fragmented and siloed communications once and for all.

Student Success is Only Possible with Consistent Family Engagement

Please see information about potential Grant Funding to support your ClassTag implementation!

Vita-Learn | NHSTE | RI-ISTE


Unified Family Engagement for All Stakeholders

ClassTag Connect allows you to reach families the way they want to be reached:

  • Seamless communication across your school community including: classroom, school and district
  • Emergency notifications instantly routed to all contacts
  • Multi-channel reach: SMS, email, voice-message, social-media, and paper
  • Automatic translation into 100+ languages
  • Consistent district branding


Eliminate Tedious Tasks

  • Simple contact information management system gives families the opportunity to keep their information up-to-date
  • Easy management of complex family structures with customized communication preferences for each guardian
  • Smart reminders for events, conferences, and sign-ups
  • Automatic flagging of inaccurate information for teachers and staff to take action
  • Quick identfication of at-risk families


Move from Mass Notification to Interactions that Matter

  • Enable two-way engagement to go beyond mass notifications and hear from parents directly via group messages and comments
  • Increase attendance of parent-teacher conferences and events
  • Guarantee important documents get seen with virtual backpacks
  • Ensure all students have the supplies they need with ClassTag Goods

For Purchases from Vita-Learn districts/schools and RI-ISTE, Purchase Orders should be made out to:

VITA-Learn34 Blair Park Road • STE 104 PMB 323Williston, VT 05495

Vita-Lean & RI-ISTE districts that require a quote, please contact Jeff Mao,

Download a W-9 for your business office. Invoices for Vita-Learn and RI-ISTE districts will be issued by Vita-Learn, payable to Vita-Learn.

For purchases from ACTEM districts/schools, Purchase Orders should be made out to:

ACTEM • P.O. Box 187 • Gorham, ME 04038

ACTEM districts that require a quote, please contact Gary Lanoie, Invoices for ACTEM districts will be issued by ACTEM, payable to ACTEM.

For purchases from NHSTE members and/or any NH schools, Purchase Orders should be made out to:

NHSTE • PO Box 358 • Georges Mills, NH 03751

NHSTE /NH schools that require a quote, please contact Cyndy Currier, Invoices for NHSTE purchases will be issued by NHSTE, payable to NHSTE.

Order Deadline

May 31, 2023

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