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Data Analytics Designed for K-12

Gain valuable insights into your district's technology

As a K-12 district leader, you’ve invested a lot of resources into your technology programs, from devices to software subscriptions. Do you know how many unapproved applications compromising data privacy are in use across your district? How do you ensure edtech investments are being optimized or know how to prioritize professional development on learning apps? Answer these questions and gain valuable insights into your technology with Lightspeed Digital Insight™.

Gain a single view of district edtech for improved management and decision making

Ensure the security and value of your technology investments

Lightspeed Digital Insight empowers IT and instructional technology leaders with a single view of district edtech usage to quickly understand and act on approvals, cost management, and impact. Save time and improve compliance with app approval workflows, real-time privacy policy scanning, and alignment to industry standards like 1EdTech and Student Data Privacy Consortium.

Actionable, real-time insights into application usage for improved decision-making

Take the guesswork out of understanding how your digital learning apps are being used. Get real-time usage data across your district for more effective decision-making on professional development, licensing, privacy policy changes, and third-party reviews for all apps in use by your district, including trends over time.

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Ensure the security and value of your edtech investments

Comprehensive dashboard

Presents in a single view all data on your community’s usage no matter where students use their devices.

Usage tracking

Adoption and engagement analysis for apps, software, and online resources.

Data privacy & security analysis

Analysis of app, software, and resource compliance with data privacy and security policies.

Easy collaboration

Customizable and shareable dashboards to keep teams up to date with information they need to make decisions.

License usage reports

Customized reporting on used and unused licenses for software, app, and online resources.

Granular reporting

Drill down on the details of each individual app, software, or online resource to show which students, classes, groups, or schools use it.

App requests & approval

Easily manage your public list of approved applications and allow teachers to request new apps through the platform.

Free Webinar

Secure and Improve Learning by Understanding Your EdTech Data

Recorded April 12, 2023 — 3PM Eastern

Hosted by Jena Draper, Founder of Digital Insight

Join Jena Draper and learn how robust processes for app review and approval informed by the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) and combined with Digital Insight’s 3rd party app review, privacy policy change notifications, and approval workflows create the optimum data privacy suite for districts of all sizes.

Lightspeed Digital Insight can help your district monitor and manage digital learning apps more efficiently and effectively. With a comprehensive single view of app usage across the district and granular data at the campus, grade, and student level, you can raise the bar by providing your curriculum team with data to assess digital learning return on investment, prioritize professional development resources, and ignite transformative conversations on learning.

Lightspeed Digital Insight

Data Analytics Designed for K-12
15 % Savings
  • App Approval Workflow
  • Privacy Policy Scanning & Reviews
  • Edtech ROI & Financial Reporting
  • Supports All Devices & Browsers
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Purchasing Consortia Information

Lightspeed Digital Insight orders will be managed by Vita-Learn. Schools must complete the online ordering form that includes an upload of your Purchase Order. All orders must be completed using the online ordering form on the Vita-Learn web site. Please do not submit orders via email or directly to Lightspeed. Vita-Learn aggregates all orders into a single order with Lightspeed in order to allow all consortia members to qualify for volume pricing tiers otherwise unavailable to districts in VT, NH, ME, and RI.

This is the first year of an aggregated consortia purchase for Lightspeed Digital Insight, so we do not yet know what the total volume will be. As such, please request a quote to start the process as that will allow us to begin to gather the numbers and understand where we stand. Pre-existing subscribers may join the consortia!

For Purchases from Vita-Learn districts/schools and RI-ISTE, Purchase Orders should be made out to:

VITA-Learn34 Blair Park Road • STE 104 PMB 323Williston, VT 05495

Vita-Learn and RI-ISTE districts may request a quote here.

Download a W-9 for your business office. Invoices for Vita-Learn and RI-ISTE districts will be issued by Vita-Learn, payable to Vita-Learn.

For purchases from ACTEM districts/schools, Purchase Orders should be made out to:

ACTEM • P.O. Box 187 • Gorham, ME 04038

ACTEM districts that require a quote, please contact Gary Lanoie, Invoices for ACTEM districts will be issued by ACTEM, payable to ACTEM.

For purchases from NHSTE members and/or any NH schools, Purchase Orders should be made out to:

NHSTE • PO Box 358 • Georges Mills, NH 03751

NHSTE /NH schools that require a quote, please contact Cyndy Currier, Invoices for NHSTE purchases will be issued by NHSTE, payable to NHSTE.

All orders will share the consortia licensing term: July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024.

Eligibility: Institutional Members of Vita-Learn and all schools within the district. Additionally, ACTEM, NHSTE and, RI-ISTE members based on their membership standards. More information about Vita-Learn Institutional membership.

Renewal and New Orders Deadline: June 15, 2023

Please place your orders on time so that we can determine the consortia’s total size. Initial quotes will include “not to exceed” pricing, but if our volume qualifies for better pricing, invoices will reflect the better price.

Vita-Learn Member