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Digital Respons-Ability — Respons-able Educator Certification

The Respons-Able Educator Certification (REC) is a whole new way to help teachers embed and implement digial citizenship elements in their classroom. Based on tens of thousands of hours teaching digital citizenship to students, this professional learning helps teachers build skills in not only their students, but themselves. The REC program addresses digital citizenship holistically, covering topics such as media literacy, communication, the digital economy and more. It has downloadables, lesson plans, videos and other guides that teachers can use long after they finish the program. With 10 self-study asynchronous modules, teachers who complete REC can earn be school digital leaders, changing the culture and education around digital citizenship.

The REC program is organized into 10 modules:

  • Orientation and Resources
  • Module 1: The Basics of Digital Citizenship
  • Module 2: Prevention Science & Technology for Educators
  • Module 3: Technology Trends
  • Module 4: Teaching Online Communication
  • Module 5: Teaching Media Literacy
  • Module 6: Teaching Digital Safety and Ethics
  • Module 7: Teaching Digital Commerce
  • Module 8: Teaching Digital Health and Wellness
  • Module 9: Engaging Parents with Digital Citizenship
  • Module 10: Creating Digital Citizenship Lessons

Vita-Learn members qualify for a 15% discount off of the

Respons-Able Educator Certification (REC)

Premium registration fee.

Responsible Educator Certificate

$ 169
per registrant
  • Virtual Training Access for your school's educators
  • Formative Assessments
  • Summative Assessments + Report
  • One-on-One Training for Administrators, Recorded For Future Use At Your School
  • SCORM-Compliant to go with any LMS
  • (Optional) $20 Educator workbook

Respons-Able Educator Certification Registration

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