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TCEA Online Self-Paced Courses

Vita-Learn has partnered with our peer organization in Texas, TCEA. Together we provide over 30 course offerings to Vita-Learn members. Don’t miss the deal!  Enroll in one of the online courses now!

Self-paced, online courses built for educators like you. Our goal is to give people a series of experiences and learning opportunities that are self-paced.

Boost your skills with remote learning tools, apps, and devices, like screencasting, Canvas, Chromebooks, Bitmoji, Seesaw, and more. Our partner, TCEA provides micro-credentialing online courses, and certifications are self-paced, engaging, and developed by experts to give you the most relevant skills that use ed tech to create effective learning.

Starting at $29 per course, TCEA certifications and courses aren’t just powerful, they’re a great value, too.

Choose Vita-Learn from the Referring Organization question during registration!
When you register for a course, make sure to select Vita-Learn from the Referring Organization drop down menu. A portion of your registration fee will be shared with Vita-Learn. Vita-Learn will use these funds to support our mission.

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