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Many of the February 23, 2022 CTO Clinic breakout sessions have been approved and added to the CTO Clinic web site. Registrations for the event are open and space is limited! Register now!

Some examples of sessions that will be included in the schedule:

It’s true what they say: “It’s not a question of IF but of WHEN!”

In October, only about 3 months into my new job, Washington Central UUSD was the victim of a ransomware attack. We’ll share with you some of the things that happened, how we responded, and how you might learn from our experience. How you can mitigate your risk and to be better prepared when it happens to you. That’ll be followed by discussion and Q&A.

Presenter: Mark Kline, WCUUSD

The Blueprint for Building a Scalable, Sustainable, and Learner-Focused Infrastructure in Your District

With students and staff equipped with at least one or more devices, districts need to ensure they have the technology infrastructure in place to effectively and safely support the increased demand for digital learning. This session outlines the critical components, features, and services districts may want to consider implementing in order to cultivate a safe, accessible, and user-centric K-12 digital ecosystem to support the mission and business of education.

Presenter: Matt Woodrow, ENA

Tiered Disaster Recovery Plan: Protect Your Data From Ransomware and Other Disasters

The educational sector is the most affected industry for cyber attacks in the past year. A 2021 report by the K-12 Cybersecurity Resource Center and the K12 Security Information Exchange identified 408 publicly-disclosed school cyber incidents in 2020. And there were 145 data breach incidents involving public schools, and most incidents. We will cover how an effective data protection plan can mitigate the risk of being locked out of critical data. And best practices for creating a ransomware backup and recovery plan for edge devices with minimal disruption. This session will be technical walk through on how to implement a budget-friendly, centralized backup strategy for hundreds of desktop endpoints so your school won’t accidentally lose data stored in the cloud. We will discuss how educational organizations can have disaster recovery plans for business continuity.

Learning Objectives:

  • • Understand different endpoint backup strategies
  • • Configure a tiered disaster recovery plan
  • • When and how to use different data recovery options
  • • Best practices for ransomware prevention and response

Presenter: Josue Guzman, Senior Technical Account Manager, Synology

Looking At Data Through A New Lens

How does your district leverage data to provide personalized learning experiences for all students? In what ways are you preparing data to present to your extended educational community? To answer these questions and more, let’s put on a new pair of data glasses and take a look.

In this session, we’ll look at data from multiple perspectives, sharing best practices leveraging SIS data to better support your educational community. From clean imports and exports, state compliance reporting, and visualization, let’s talk about taking data bits and bytes and transforming it into a data success story for your district!

Presenter: Theresa Schneiderheinze – New England Director – Alma SIS

The Future of School Security

Verkada and ByteSpeed partner on an overview of the future of security cameras, access control, and vape detection sensors and show why hundreds of schools are making the switch to this cloud based security solution. We will be running a demo to showcase the capabilities of this one of a kind security solution. If improving the safety and security of your students and staff is important to you, you won’t want to miss this!

Presenter: Colton Lacovara – Account Executive – Verkada

How New Hampshire schools addresses cybersecurity and student privacy

In 2019 New Hampshire legislature passed a law requiring all public schools to implement cybersecurity and data privacy standards. Learn how New Hampshire schools addressed this unfunded mandate to protect our students collectively. We will cover both cyber security and student and staff data privacy. The cyber security portion will cover the minimum security standards set by New Hampshire, what they are and how they are implemented. The data privacy portion will discuss how the New Hampshire COSN chapter NHCTO (New Hampshire CTO Council) partnered with Student Data Privacy Consortium to ensure that vendors were compliant with the New Hampshire law.

Presenter: Neal Richardson, CISO/Director of Technology, Hillsboro Deering School District (NH) 

Keep Moving — Building a Cyber-Secure District

Peter Drescher, Director of Technology and Innovation at Essex Westford School District, will lead a discussion with other Tech Directors on steps each is taking to better secure their networks, their user-interface, and their district environment. Peter will share the steps his own district is undertaking and ask fellow participants to share their own journeys on this path that we must all embark on. Peter will ask that participants bring a resource or recommendation to share and we’ll gather notes to share at the end as a potential resource for all. This is an informal presentation and participants will be encouraged to share and ask questions of one another.

Presenter: Peter Drescher, Director of Technology and Innovation, Essex Westford School District

The Art and Science of Procurement

Ten years ago, the idea that practically all schools would be 1:1 schools seemed an impossibility to some. The demands of remote learning and challenges brought forward from COVID-19 have accelerated changes in the technology landscape. How schools go about procurement and purchasing strategies can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Jeff Mao, Vita-Learn’s Executive Director will share his experiences leading procurement for small schools to state and national-level deals, and discuss ways that Vermont schools may be able better work with their vendor partners.

Presenter: Jeff Mao, Executive Director, Vita-Learn

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