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Knowt: We're the #1 privacy compliant alternative to Quilt

What is Knowt?

Knowt is the #1 privacy compliant alternative to Quizlet, with over 1,700,000 students and teachers trusting it to be their primary studying tool. On Knowt you can create flashcards that your students always study for free with learn mode. See more below:

Knowt vs Quizlet

Be the favorite teacher and lead the switch to Knowt in less than 5 minutes. Knowt is compliant with student privacy guidelines, and while Quizlet won’t sign your privacy agreements, we will.

Kowt Features • Unlimited FREE Learn mode for your students • Unlimited FREE Practice tests for your students • Organize multiple sections in one class • Attach images to flashcards for FREE • View student mastery percentage of flashcards • View specific flashcards your class struggles with
Knowt Compliants: COPPA, FERPA, NY2D, GDPR, WCAG 2.0, SOPPA

Get a quote & meet with the CEO

Knowt Inc. will offer a flat 30% discount on all purchases made by any districts referred to by
the Vita-Learn Purchasing Consortia, applied to the total cost of the licenses:

Teachers Plus – $35.88 $25.12 per license (per year)
Students Plus – $6.00 $4.20 per license (per year)
Enterprise add-on which allows for SSO integration with Classlink, Clever, etc.
(optional) – $1.00 $0.70 per teacher & student license (per year)

Learn more about what each license offers at

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