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A way for your students to take control of their learning & showcase their success!

Wakelet makes it easy for your learners to quickly capture key moments of their school journey – allowing them to reflect on their learning and share their progress.

Example of a student portfolio of achievements


Wakelet allows students to interact with learning resources in ways that make sense to them. They can arrange and organize them in any way they like – helping them learn and grow using methods that are most relevant to their learning styles. This level of choice provides students with agency, and leads to a more personalized approach to learning.


Creating portfolios gives students endless opportunities to reflect on and evaluate their learning. In saving key learning moments, they create a place where they can track improvement and oversee their own growth and development.

Example of a wavelet digital resume


Wakelet helps students build key skills that are invaluable to their future. Through using the platform, they’ll have a permanent record of achievements and successes that they can leverage for college applications and job opportunities.

Infographic disp[laying Wakelet benefits: A single point of contact through a friendly Customer Success Manager offering support, advice, and best practices Bespoke Professional Development for teachers through in person sessions and self-paced courses Centralized account management and /or supported connection to Clever or Classlink rostering systems Priority 24/7 support District can assign collections and resources to all teachers and students Students can share portfolios across the district and wider learning community Option for hand over of accounts to students after graduation Set permission levels for sharing and integrations for all accounts by grade level Streamlined set up for all accounts Teachers can set assignments and activities to students and classes Sophisticated analvtics dashboard to spot trends and monitor usage Increased storage limits for PDF & Video file uploads
Student portfolios for students across the district. The definitive Wakelet experience.
Consortia Purchasing Information

To view consortia pricing, please login using your Institutional account!

The payment due date will be 30 days from the invoice date. The consortia is unable to pro-rate the license fee for late orders.

All orders will share the consortia licensing term: August 1, 2023 to July 31, 2024.

Eligibility: Institutional Members of Vita-Learn and all schools within the district. Additionally, ACTEM, NHSTE and, RI-ISTE members based on their membership standards. More information about Vita-Learn Institutional membership.

Order Deadline: August 31, 2023

The consortia is unable to pro-rate the license fee, and all consortia licenses share the same term: August 1, 2023 to July 31, 2024.

For Purchases from Vita-Learn districts/schools and RI-ISTE, Purchase Orders should be made out to:

VITA-Learn34 Blair Park Road • STE 104 PMB 323Williston, VT 05495

Vita-Learn & RI-ISTE districts that require a quote, please contact Jeff Mao, You need to modify the yellow cells.

Download a W-9 for your business office. Invoices for Vita-Learn and RI-ISTE districts will be issued by Vita-Learn, payable to Vita-Learn.

For purchases from ACTEM districts/schools, Purchase Orders should be made out to:

ACTEM • P.O. Box 187 • Gorham, ME 04038

ACTEM districts that require a quote, please contact Gary Lanoie, Invoices for ACTEM districts will be issued by ACTEM, payable to ACTEM.

For purchases from NHSTE members and/or any NH schools, Purchase Orders should be made out to:

NHSTE • PO Box 358 • Georges Mills, NH 03751

NHSTE /NH schools that require a quote, please contact Cyndy Currier, Invoices for NHSTE purchases will be issued by NHSTE, payable to NHSTE.

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