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Get the all-in-one engagement, teaching, assessment, and review tool loved by millions around the world with a Kahoot! EDU site license for schools, districts, and teacher groups of all sizes.

Discover the benefits of Kahoot! EDU

Students using Kahoot in the classroom

With access to a site-wide license, educators can:

  • Collaborate across your school or district with shared teacher workspaces and unlimited group sizes
  • Empower knowledge sharing with student passes to give your students access to the Kahoot! creator, study modes for content review, and award-winning learning apps
  • Give each student a voice with open-ended questions, word clouds, and brainstorm answers to spark discussion
  • Unlock early access to all of the latest updates coming for back-to-school like new AI-enhanced features, game experiences, premium game packs, solo game modes, and interactive slides

Download our Kahoot! EDU one-pager to learn more!

Students using Kahoot in the classroom.Use Kahoot! EDU in your classroom to:

  • Boost engagement and collaboration with new interactive game modes that require students to answer questions correctly and work together to accomplish their goals!
  • Build 21st-century skills with student passes that give your students access to the Kahoot! creator to make their own kahoots and share their knowledge with the class.
  • Introduce new topics with slides and repeated questions that put all students on a level playing field and allow them to feel successful and motivated early on in the lesson.
  • Assess existing knowledge with warm-up and recap kahoots to identify which topics your students have already grasped and those that need more teaching.
  • Reinforce learning with live and assigned review kahoots to test their knowledge of a topic in a fun, engaging, and low-pressure environment before formal assessment.

Learn how East Meadow School District let the students lead with Kahoot! EDU

Kahoot EDU Pro

Now enhanced with AI!
$ Login for price Members Save over 80%
  • Up to 2000 participants per session
  • Includes early access to AI-assisted kahoot creation
  • Quick and easy onboarding through a single link
  • Advanced reports to track student performance and progress

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