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Webinar Description:

A second ECF application window opens September 28, 2021 and closes October 13, 2021. The ECF will provide over $7B to K12 to support connectivity including access devices. Many schools did not take advantage of the first funding round, perhaps due to misconceptions or misunderstandings about how the fund works, and what types of expenses are truly eligible.

Join Reg Leichty, Founding Partner at Foresight Law & Policy and Jeff Mao, Executive Director at Vita-Learn for a frank conversation about the ECF. Learn about what we know from applications from Round 1, and the nuts and bolts of how ECF can help your district can support students AND teachers with device access and other connectivity expenses.

Chat log:

00:33:08 Christine Fox: Here is a link to the FAQ:
00:33:16 Christine Fox: I believe the One per Student is Correct
00:33:46 Christine Fox: Here is a list of Misconception:
00:38:13 Gayle Wolotsky: For laptops or tablets, can cases and MDM licenses be included in the $400?
00:42:41 Christine Fox: funding requests and awards:
The FCC has received requests from across the nation for $5.137 billion to fund 9.1 million connected devices and 5.4 million broadband connections. Click this map to view demand by state. Detailed information on the status of applications submitted during the initial application filing window that closed on August 13, 2021 is available in the Open Data Portal.
Download the current list of funding commitments approved by state Excel download .
00:43:31 Christine Fox: Funds requested by state
00:44:04 Christine Fox: I have to go to my next meeting. CoSN will have a blog post about this tomorrow 🙂
00:44:29 Trey Cates: If we submitted in Round 1, but were not part of the first wave of awards, do we need to re-apply?
00:48:02 Trey Cates: 👍
00:57:02 Reg Leichty: USAC Emergency Connectivity Fund Customer Support Center
Call (800) 234-9781 for support.
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET
00:57:14 Luke Callahan: thanks
00:58:08 Raphael Adamek: Thank you Reg and Jeff!
00:58:35 Reg Leichty: Great talking with you. Good luck.
00:59:20 Luke Callahan: thanks for the discussion and details! Greatly appreciated!

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