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The Vita-Learn Board of Directors has elected its officers for the 2021 calendar year. The new officers are as follows:

  • Kristen Wilson, President
  • Robert Gervais, Vice President
  • Brucie Donahue, Treasurer
  • Chris Johnstone, Secretary

At this year’s annual meeting, held at Vermont Fest, the membership re-elected Kristen Wilson (second term) and Tim O’Leary (second term) while also electing two new individuals to the Board of Directors. The new Directors are Peter Drescher and Susie Snow. All Board members serve 2 year terms and may be re-elected for up to 3 consecutive terms. Currently, the Southwest Regional Representative to the Board remains vacant. The Board of Directors is still seeking individuals interested in fulfilling that position on the Board.

Longtime Board member and past President of the Board, Jessica Wilson will be completing her final term on the Board at the conclusion of the calendar year. The complete membership of the Vita-Learn Board of Directors is posted here.

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