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Now More Than Ever – PBL/CBL

Our kids (and their teachers!) are feeling overwhelmed. They are currently facing challenges that are so big they can seem impossible to impact. In addition, school is no longer “what it has always been…” Remote learning, blended learning, online, face-to-face – school transformed in ways no one could have imagined. 

An understandable response in such confused situations can be to revert “back to the basics.” For K-12 this can mean packets of worksheets (paper or digital) and well planned assignments that support foundational learning. Learning happens in these cases, yes, but such models understandably can’t deliver the innovative problem-solving experiences that we know future generations will need to have had to prepare them for our collective future.

PBL and CBL offer proven ways to increase engagement and depth of learning. In this session Jim will suggest some “profoundly simple” ways for teachers to bring real projects, projects that matter to the learners, to their communities, and to the world into the reality of Maine schools.

So… no matter what model your school is using this fall, this session will provide opportunities to support all learners in critically important ways.

And oh, yes, as an educator, Project-Based/Challenge-Based Learning will help you know that you are making significant contributions to not only meeting curricular goals, but to making the future a better one for your learners. 

Because  that is what teachers do. Yes, you can! Please see this blog post for rationale behind this session.

Speaker Bio: Jim Moulton is both father and  grandfather, and always an educator. Now 65 years old, he is spending his last 2 or 3 years of full time work with a singular focus on his pedagogical roots, using the things learned through his unique experience set to help all K-12 students be best prepared to become the leaders our communities need going forward.

Jim taught Grade Three at Bowdoin Central School before leaving the classroom to become the Staff Developer in the Community of Learners  program as the graphical internet was born in the mid-1990s. His work has included involvement in the Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI) from the very beginning,  the SEED Program, writing for Edutopia on the Spiral Notebook Blog, being a member of the Buck Institute for Education’s national faculty (now PBLWorks.org), a decade of  independent consulting at JimMoulton.org, and a decade as a K-12 Development Executive at Apple.

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A Caroling We Will Go with WeVideo & Collaborative Workflows

Singing together is one way classrooms, choirs, communities meet their social emotional needs. And even Covid-19 can’t stop us from singing together. In this workshop, Lucie will provide a demo showing tricks and tips of how to pull off a virtual caroling session featuring WeVideo. She’ll show you the most efficient workflows to bring your community together to create a virtual caroling event. This workflow will save you so many pre-and post-production hours, that you’ll be ‘laughing all the way’ and so will your students and colleagues.

Lucie brings her passion for learning through creating and making, members of the Create Make Learn Community, and special musical guests to the scene in what promises to be a fun-filled hands on workshop. All you need to bring is two devices (a smart phone or tablet for recording) and a laptop or chromebook — and a willingness to have a little fun.
You’ll leave with an efficient collaborative workflow to share with others in your school, some tips about WeVideo features you didn’t even know existed, and a new way to tend to the social emotional needs of your learning community.

This workflow was developed by two alumns from our Vermont schools – whose virtual choir video went viral this spring – and they are willing to share their secret sauce with YOU! For a sneak preview check out http://poddbrothers.com/. For a hands-on extended session, check out the Tuesday Pre-Conference event with Lucie!

Lucie deLaBruere

Presenter Bio:

Lucie is a Digital Age Learning Specialist with 30 years of experience in educational technology ranging from podcasting with kindergarten students to graduate level courses for educators. She has 20 years experience in the classroom and over 10 years experience supporting teachers in the use of educational technology.  She currently teaches in the College of Education and Social Services at University of Vermont and works as a free-lance educator supporting schools in the implementation of learning through creating and making and founder of Create Maker Learn Summer Institute.

Lucie’s passion include bridging digital equity gaps and fueling creativity and innovation in today’s learning environments.  Lucie is a Google Certified Innovator,  WeVideo Ambassador, Raspberry Pi Certified Educator,  founder of Tech Savvy Girls and Tech Savvy Kids and active member of -Vita-Learn.

Teaching & Learning, School Leadership & Management

Delightful Data: Foundational Growth for Library Programs

When people think “library,” they don’t often think of data. Books? Sure. Reading? Of course. But data, even simple data, is the key piece that needs to be told to show growth, leverage a seat at the table, make the library space into what it can be, and be a priority for administrators and school boards alike. But data is only as good as the story you tell with it. 

Participants will learn about (1) the five different areas of library data that can be collected and how to collect it, (2) how to use data for evaluations, (3) what stories to tell with it, and (4) intro to remote and COVID data. 

Take my mistakes and turn them into your success. 

Amy Stefanski

Presenter Bio:

Amy N. Stefanski is the District Librarian for Dunlap School District #323. A former secondary CTE teacher, she now manages the print and digital collection, operational strategy, and development of the K-12 Library Program. As an advocate for school libraries & sustainable education, she focuses on the growth and sustainability of educational professionals by offering leadership and development opportunities to better enhance library programs for all students and teachers. Amy bridges the gap between schools and businesses by understanding the needs of our students in growing markets. She anticipates her graduation from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, December 2020, with an MBA from the Gies Business School.

Amy is the creator of the D323 Library Podcast, Libranski.com and Learning with Libranski. 

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How to Balance Technology in a World of Virtual Learning

With an ever-changing online learning landscape, our students are spending an exorbitant amount of time in front of a screen. What impact does that have on their well-being? How can we ensure that they are engaged and safe online? As parents and educators, we are always thinking of ways to keep our kids happy and healthy. How can we do that despite the current circumstances?

Join Common Sense as we explore three practical ways parents can intentionally balance learning and media use at home, so our kids can continue to thrive. We will brainstorm best practices and strategies to help families keep media and technology in check. Participants will leave with trustworthy resources and a plan to help support families in distance learning.

Victoria Saylor

Presenter Bio: Victoria Saylor is the Arizona Regional Manager for Common Sense Education. She has over 25 years of experience in the education sector as an elementary school teacher and university advisor, bringing a strong sense of student advocacy and best practices to her role at Common Sense. Victoria works closely with school districts and parents to assist in using technology and media in a safe, meaningful and responsible manner and is committed to fostering a whole-community approach to digital well-being, by providing educational leadership through district consultations, professional development workshops and parent presentations. Prior to joining the organization, Victoria helped pioneer her school district’s groundbreaking Dual Language Immersion program, establishing it into a highly desired choice for families and received the Above and Beyond Award, which recognizes educators who have made lasting impacts in the lives of their students and community. She is a proud graduate of the University of Arizona, where she earned degrees in Elementary Education and Spanish.