Delightful Data: Foundational Growth for Library Programs

Block M – October 30, 7:00 PM

Delightful Data: Foundational Growth for Library Programs

When people think “library,” they don’t often think of data. Books? Sure. Reading? Of course. But data, even simple data, is the key piece that needs to be told to show growth, leverage a seat at the table, make the library space into what it can be, and be a priority for administrators and school boards alike. But data is only as good as the story you tell with it. 

Participants will learn about (1) the five different areas of library data that can be collected and how to collect it, (2) how to use data for evaluations, (3) what stories to tell with it, and (4) intro to remote and COVID data. 

Take my mistakes and turn them into your success. 


Amy Stefanski
Teaching & Learning, School Leadership & Management
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