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School Leadership & Management, IT Leadership & Management

VTEd Learns Network: Collaboration Powered by VTAOE & Edmodo

In this interactive session, learn how to utilize Edmodo groups as a platform for digital collaboration with colleagues. We will review the functionality of Edmodo and how to create Groups, use the Group Directory for Districts and Schools, and invite members so that you can do more than just meet online and share resources with the tools provided in Edmodo. From Google,Microsoft, and Zoom integration to Design Thinking PLCS and hosting EDcamp-style learning sessions, you will be able to reimagine professional development and digital collaboration.

Ket Baker

Presenter Bio: Kate Baker, M.Ed and MAIT, is the Senior Community Engagement Manager at Edmodo, a veteran high school English teacher with 20+ years classroom experience, board member of the Flipped Learning Network, and contributing author of Flipping 2.0:  Practical Strategies for Flipping Your Classroom. Passionate about evolving authentic learning into digital formats, Kate leads by example and shares her expertise with the global Edmodo Community and on Twitter @KtBkr4

Keynote Speaker: Robert Goodman

A Deeper Dive into Live and Asynchronous Teaching and Learning

This follow-up session with Keynote Speakler Bob Goodman takes a deeper dive into practical solutions for moving fluidly between classroom and remote teaching and learning, as may be necessitated by COVID. This includes approaches that are effective in teaching in classrooms or remotely on Zoom, including student polling, breakout rooms and annotating on shared screens. Both these forms of live instruction are supported by asynchronous online courses that facilitate a flipped classroom approach.

Robert "Bob" Goodman

Presenter Bio:

Robert Goodman, the 2006 New Jersey State Teacher of the Year, is the Executive Director of the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning. As the science chair and a teacher of physics, chemistry, and environmental science at Bergen County Technical High School in Teterboro, NJ from 1999 to 2009, he founded and led the development of the Progressive Science Initiative® (PSI®) and, later, the Progressive Mathematics Initiative® (PMI®).

Bob was a member of the New Jersey Task Force on College and Career Readiness; NEA’s Commission on Effective Teachers and Teaching; a Content Expert Reviewer for Achieve; a Field Reader for the United States Department of Education; and a member of the Education Advisory Committee for the Liberty Science Center. Bob received the I CAN Learn – NEA Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence in 2007 and the NJIT College of Science and Liberal Arts Award for Outstanding Efforts in Education in 2017.

He received his BS in Physics from MIT, where his undergraduate research was published in an article he co-authored for the Journal of Applied Physics. He received his MAT in Physics from SUNY Stony Brook, and his Ed.D. in Science Education from Rutgers University, where Kappa Delta Pi awarded him the 2006 Delta Xi Award for outstanding dissertation.

Before becoming a teacher, Bob had a twenty-year career in the electronics industry which included serving as the President and Chief Executive Officer for Harman Kardon, JBL Consumer Products, and Onkyo International Operations. 

IT Leadership & Managaement

Leveraging Your Wireless Network to Support Remote Learners

This session will explore the latest advancements in both wired and wireless networking and how you can leverage your wireless network to provide secure internet to remote learners.  We will start by providing an overview of Remote Access Point (RAP) technology and how this can provide both enhanced remote wireless performance to users with limited internet options as well as extend your schools security policies to the remote user’s environment.   We will also explore alternative funding strategies, like grant opportunities, to assist with your distance learning model. We will be taking your questions using the chat feature.

Jason Cote

Presenter Bio: Jason Cote is an Aruba Certified Edge Professional, and has been designing Aruba networks for the last 5 years for K-12, Higher Education and Healthcare teams in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.  Previously, he served for 15 years in Network and System Engineering positions, primarily in Healthcare and K-12 Education.  Jason likes to be engaged with the local IT Directors to further strong network design, understanding that each environment is unique, and needs to be designed appropriately to the needs of the environment.  He firmly believes in the importance of having a user focused environment that is simple, smart, and secure.  Jason is an Eagle Scout and enjoys the outdoors, hiking, skiing, and camping.

Teaching & Learning, School Leadership & Management

Exploring how to Bring SEL, via Digital Citizenship, into the Distance Learning Environment

We know that meeting social & emotional needs of students is critical to academic success — students learn better when they feel heard, valued, & respected. Join Common Sense Education as we explore unique ways educators can use digital citizenship and social-emotional learning to create engaging welcoming learning environments whether in person or from a distance. Participants will discuss digital dilemmas our students may be facing and the questions that they raise. You will leave with strategies, thinking routines and tools to help students navigate their digital lives with perspective.

Participants register for a (free) account at commonsense.org/education

Barbara Huth

Presenter Bio: Barbara Huth is the Education Program Manager for Common Sense Education in the DC Metro/Mid Atlantic area.  She collaborates with teachers, administrators, and education leaders to build a culture of digital citizenship, well being and engagement within our school communities.   She has 15 years of experience in education and prior to joining Common Sense, Barbara was a National Board Certified High School Science Teacher.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in integrated health studies from Kent State University and a master’s degree in comprehensive science education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Teaching & Learning

FLASH: Discussion Based Assessments: Do’s and Don’ts (3:50 pm)

In this flash session, we will talk as a group about VTVLC’s discussion-based assessments. What works, and what doesn’t? We’ll share hints and information on scheduling with students, how to conduct at DBA, how to use Zoom for a DBA, and how to work with students to ensure the best DBA experience. Participants should bring their own ideas to share.

Jeff Renard

Presenter Bio: Jeff is the Founder and Director of the Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative (VTVLC), Vermont’s K-12 online learning program. VTVLC serves thousands of students by connecting them with courses that are not offered locally, not accessible due to scheduling conflicts, or that are not offered at times that help students achieve success. In addition, Jeff also is the founder of the Northeast Online Teaching Institute (NEOTI) which provides professional development in online and blended learning. NEOTI offers a Certificate in Online Teaching which prepares educators to obtain the Vermont Agency of Education’s endorsement as an Online Teaching Specialist (OTS). Jeff has over 33 years of education experience in Career Technical Education, Academics, Online and Blended Learning, and Professional Learning through the Graduate level.

Teaching & Learning, School Leadership & Management, IT Leadership & Management

FLASH: Maestro Tips and Tricks (3:30 pm)

Making the most of Maestro is an opportunity for teachers and school support people to learn more about all the features in Maesto that make your life easy when communicating with students, parents and school counselors.  Topics we will cover communicating through the use if email templates, disipline reporting, and reports to name a few.  Make a list of your questions and join us for this Q & A session.

Presenter Bio: Kim Bovill has been working with here at VTVLVC for 3 years supporting online students. Bovill loves to talk about Maestro and Canvas and how we can better help students be successful in their online experience.

Teaching & Learning

STEM at Home: Hands on Opportunities for Hybrid and Remote Learning

We all know that hands-on learning in STEM such as science experiments, engineering challenges, maker projects and other similar opportunities require copious materials, specific tools, and safety and technical training for students. Or, does it? How do we engage students in hands-on learning at home with limited support and resources? Join our collaborative session to share and discuss how to deliver quality hands-on STEM learning opportunities to students in hybrid and fully-online environments.

Chris Johnstone

Speaker Bio: Chris has been a middle and high school science and technology teacher in Vermont since 2008. He is  passionate about personalized and student-centered learning.  Chris is an educational technology coach in South Burlington, VT, working daily with teachers to integrate technology into the curriculum to make learning accessible, personalized, and student-centered.  He also facilitates workshops and other professional development opportunities to help teachers explore information technology.

Teaching & Learning

Social and Cultural Literacy Resources for the Classroom

Teaching and learning happen within cultural, political, and social circumstances. As much as we want to deny it, we all have biases based on our life experiences. Each of us — teachers and students alike — enter classrooms from different perspectives and points of view. We must learn to negotiate those differences to better understand each other and our worlds, and to advocate for a better, more equitable future. To do so, we need to build a set of social and cultural literacies via multicultural education, social justice education, and culturally responsive pedagogy that help us navigate difficult conversations, acknowledgBlock E – October 28, 7:00 PMe and challenge bias and prejudice, create inclusive classroom spaces, and fight for social justice.

This session will showcase hand-picked, regularly updated resources to help educators better understand and practice these important social and cultural literacies in the future.

Reference: https://tamresource.weebly.com/uploads/3/9/8/3/39835565/dimensions_of_equity.pdf

Presenter Bio: Jennifer Ehehalt is the Senior Regional Manager at Common Sense Education. Jennifer has over 20 years of experience in education. She continues to partner with state-level organizations, school districts, and community organizations across the nation to help integrate Common Sense education resources. Jennifer provides educational leadership through consultation with school districts, professional development, and conference presentations. Jennifer sits on the Advisory Council for Kidsburgh and is a champion for Remake Learning Days Across America. Jennifer has a B.S in Elementary Education and an M. Ed. in Educational Leadership.

Teaching & Learning, School Leadership & Management

Mentoring School Librarians Matters

VSLA, UVM  and the NEA have partnered in writing a Great Public Schools Grant  to train experienced school librarians to coach and support every new-to-the-profession librarian hired in our state.
– We intend to recruit and train 15 new experienced certified school librarians each year for three years to be trained his mentor coaches. 
– We intend to have a pool of train school library mentors in each of the five Vermont School library association regions of Vermont in order to peer every newly hired Librarian with a seasoned mentor.
– We intend to develop a sustainable system for successful professional learning for both veterans and another school librarians in Vermont that focuses on improving student learning outcomes for diverse learners in all regions of our state. With increased skill and follow ups support for school librarian student success will be reflected in outcomes and competencies as outlined in American Association of school library and standards framework for learners. 
The grant outlines a framework for continuing professional learning and sustainability of the initiative.

Nancy Daigle

Presenter Bio: Nancy is a National Board Certified Teacher (2010) and has worked in education since 1983. Her experience in EEE and Success by Six led her to discover her passion for early literacy and was ultimately  hired as the school librarian at Thatcher Brook Primary School when she completed the School Library Media sequence at UVM. Nancy is a mentor, and is the Mentor Coordinator for the Harwood Unified Union School District.  Last summer, along with Judith Kaplan from UVM, Nancy wrote and received a $157,000 grant from the NEA to build a statewide network that will train experienced school librarians to mentor Librarian‘s that are new to the profession.