Social and Cultural Literacy Resources for the Classroom

Block E – October 28, 7:00 PM & Block K – October 30, 3:30 PM

Social and Cultural Literacy Resources for the Classroom

Teaching and learning happen within cultural, political, and social circumstances. As much as we want to deny it, we all have biases based on our life experiences. Each of us — teachers and students alike — enter classrooms from different perspectives and points of view. We must learn to negotiate those differences to better understand each other and our worlds, and to advocate for a better, more equitable future. To do so, we need to build a set of social and cultural literacies via multicultural education, social justice education, and culturally responsive pedagogy that help us navigate difficult conversations, acknowledgBlock E – October 28, 7:00 PMe and challenge bias and prejudice, create inclusive classroom spaces, and fight for social justice.

This session will showcase hand-picked, regularly updated resources to help educators better understand and practice these important social and cultural literacies in the future.



Jennifer Ehehalt
Teaching & Learning
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