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Supporting Students’ Behavioral Health in Online & Blended Learning Environments

Online and blended learning environments present special challenges when it comes to supporting students’ behavioral health needs. In this interactive session, participants will be introduced to a tiered framework for addressing these needs and will have an opportunity to learn from each other as to how those needs are being met and how they are documented to ensure accountability throughout. District and school teams are encouraged to attend together. Bring your devices for sharing ideas! We will be using Pear Deck and Google Slides to brainstorm and share best practices – encourage colleagues to be a part of your school’s conversation.

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Dazzling Data with Google Data Studio

Have you been digging through data with a traditional spreadsheet (like Google Sheets)? Did you know that Google offers a FREE platform that “turns your data into fully customizable informative reports and dashboards that are easy to read and share.” Join Susie to learn how to get started with this fabulous tool and begin looking at your data in a better way.

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The Unbiased Collection: Library Curation without Opinions

Need to curate a collection for students that includes diverse, equitable, and interesting reads? Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of your collection that is based on facts, and not on others’ opinions of the book? Do you want to grow your scaffolding skills to build the collection across grade levels and content areas? Great! Come learn about the S.T.A.I.R Method, a personally developed curation method made to help eliminate biases and focus on filling gaps and maintaining high quality literature. 

This session will focus on an easy to use method for curation and application of method on purchasing books.  

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FLASH: Tools for Blended Learning

Our goal as online teachers should be to support my students with as little direct control as possible. Project Based Learning is a great approach for this, but the band director in me still wants to keep some order in the chaos! Through my online teaching, I’ve discovered and built several useful tools for this, but I keep finding that of these, the cloud-based “Leader Board” is probably the most useful and adaptable. In this short session, I’ll share how to combine Google Forms and Sheets to create a daily check-in workflow to track student progress in a blended environment, foster student motivation and focus, and support a high degree of flexibility in learning paths.

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FLASH: Mastery Connect

We’ve all gotten very good at compiling, or ‘GATHERING’ data on our students, but how is all this data benefiting that one student that is struggling with a specific skill? Are we truly USING that data on a daily basis to help impact our students?  Or, are we simply doing it to COMPLY with some initiative? This 15 minute Flash session will introduce you to Mastery Connect! Learn more during the afternoon session, Data Gathering vs. Data Using: How To Be Successful In Proficiency-Based Education

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FLASH: A New Era in Distance Learning: Live Online Courses

Asynchronous online courses have proven to be a great option for students needing flexibility due to time and geography. This delivery isn’t meant for everyone though as it can feel isolating and unstructured. Because of this, NVU is now offering Live Online courses that incorporate desktop and video conferencing sessions.

Come to this session to learn how high schools throughout Vermont can now provide students with dual enrollment opportunities through this collaborative venture. We will discuss this new model of hybrid courses as well as professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, and other uses of the software and resources that have been provided to high schools in Vermont via NVU’s USDA grant.

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Exploring how to Bring SEL, via Digital Citizenship, into the Distance Learning Environment

We know that meeting social & emotional needs of students is critical to academic success — students learn better when they feel heard, valued, & respected. Join Common Sense Education as we explore unique ways educators can use digital citizenship and social-emotional learning to create engaging welcoming learning environments whether in person or from a distance. Participants will discuss digital dilemmas our students may be facing and the questions that they raise. You will leave with strategies, thinking routines and tools to help students navigate their digital lives with perspective.

Participants register for a (free) account at commonsense.org/education

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Student Engagement

Are you an online teacher? Do you do awesome stuff? Do you want to talk to other online teachers to see what awesome stuff they do? Let’s talk about student engagement!  This is a chance for online teachers to share what works and what doesn’t around student engagement in their online classroom.   In this workshop we will discuss our best practices around student communication, teacher presence, online tools, and adding opportunities for collaboration and cooperation. We will collect our results and post them online for future reference. Come share your ideas with the online learning community!

Presenter Biography: Jennifer Fribush is the Professional Development Coordinator for VTVLC. She is a Computer Science and Math teacher who has taught face to face and online in Vermont for two decades. Ms. Fribush has created a number of Computer Science classes for VTVLC as well as developing the Certificate in Online Teaching program at the Northeast Online Teaching Institute. Ms. Fribush is also currently serving on the Vermont State Board for Professional Educators (VSBPE) and was previously Chair of her Local Standards Board. She can be contacted at jfribush@neoti.org.

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Mentoring School Librarians Matters

Teaching and learning happen within cultural, political, and social circumstances. As much as we want to deny it, we all have biases based on our life experiences. Each of us — teachers and students alike — enter classrooms from different perspectives and points of view. We must learn to negotiate those differences to better understand each other and our worlds, and to advocate for a better, more equitable future. To do so, we need to build a set of social and cultural literacies via multicultural education, social justice education, and culturally responsive pedagogy that help us navigate difficult conversations, acknowledge and challenge bias and prejudice, create inclusive classroom spaces, and fight for social justice.

This session will showcase hand-picked, regularly updated resources to help educators better understand and practice these important social and cultural literacies in the future.