FLASH: Mastery Connect (3:30 pm)

Block F – October 29, 2:30 PM

FLASH: Mastery Connect (3:30 pm)

We’ve all gotten very good at compiling, or ‘GATHERING’ data on our students, but how is all this data benefiting that one student that is struggling with a specific skill? Are we truly USING that data on a daily basis to help impact our students?  Or, are we simply doing it to COMPLY with some initiative? This 15 minute Flash session will introduce you to Mastery Connect! Learn more during the afternoon session, Data Gathering vs. Data Using: How To Be Successful In Proficiency-Based Education

Casey Nuttall

Presenter Bio: As a Regional Sales Leader for MasteryConnect, I have spent the last 4 years working with educators to help assist them with their efforts to become more effective and efficient with their competency-based approach by providing a platform that facilitates real-time data and analytics.


Casey Nuttall
Teaching & Learning, School Leadership & Management, IT Leadership & Management
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