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ISTE Live 23 Conference in Philadelphia, PA June 25-28 Logo

The annual ISTE conference, ISTE Live23 is scheduled for June 25-28, 2023 in Philadelphia, PA. This is the largest education technology conference of the year in the United States. Like Vita-Learn, the ISTE organization’s focus has never been purely technology, but teaching and learning. With the recent merger announcement of ISTE and ASCD, you can be sure that the conference’s focus will continue to be about teach and learning, and how and when technology can and should be leveraged.

Vita-Learn encourages Vermont educators to include this event your professional development and growth plans, and to support attendance at this year’s event. Vita-Learn has taken two tangible steps to support Vermont educators attendance this year. First, Vita-Learn has chartered a bus and is covering a significant portion of the costs in order to reduce the financial impact on educator and school budgets (see this post to reserve your spot on the bus). Additionally, Vita-Learn has organized a group code that you can use during registration:

Group code: DF22

Group registration link:

By registering as a part of the Vita-Learn group, assuming the group includes at least 10 registrants, you will be provided the lowest early bird rate available regardless of when you register for the conference. At the time of registration, you will be charged the standard rate. Once the group reaches at least 10 members, all members of the group will be credited with an amount equal to the difference of the rate you were charged and the early bird rate.

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