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Newsletter — April 2022

Featured Lesson Plan

SEL in Digital Life Resource Center — Support your students’ social and emotional learning as they navigate the digital world.

Ratings and Reviews

ThinkCERCA — Structured literacy program inspires deep analysis, thoughtful writing.

Explain Everything — Classic presentation tool continues to evolve.

Professional Development

Professional Development — Find the professional development format and time commitment that works for you! We offer free live events, interactive workshops, and self-paced training with practical takeaways and ready-to-implement teaching strategies.

Articles For Teachers

Screen Time in School: Finding the Right Balance for Your Classroom — Kids are on screens more than ever. How can we make classroom screen time more meaningful?

Resources for Teachers

Young Kids & Screens — Workshops for families with kids age 0–8. Use this toolkit to help families nurture young children’s development in the digital age.

Talking with Students About Shocking or Disturbing News — Age-based tips and lessons to help students process upsetting events.

Digital Citizenship Resources in Spanish — To ensure that all your students have the opportunity to build critical 21st-century skills, check out the Spanish resources available from Common Sense Education. Find Spanish-language videos, lesson activities, family tips, and more to use in the classroom or send home.

Top Picks Lists

Top Tools for Building Mindfulness in the Classroom — Help students develop mindfulness with these hand-picked apps and websites. Through meditation exercises, physical activities, calming strategies, and role-playing scenarios, kids can benefit in and out of the classroom.

10 Great Free Websites for Elementary School  — Out of the hundreds of K-5 websites we’ve rated, these are some of our favorites. We’ve selected these websites for their ability to engage students and their pedagogical value as well as their utility in the classroom.

Ready to play Digital Passport™?

The award-winning suite of six interactive games addresses key issues kids face in today’s digital world. Each engaging game teaches critical digital citizenship skills that help students learn to use technology responsibly to learn, create, and participate.

Parent & Caregiver Corner

50 Books All Kids Should Read Before They’re 12 — From picture books to graphic novels, fantasy to family fun, these must-read books have the power to hook kids of any gender.

Common Sense Selections — Common Sense Selections include age-appropriate movies, TV series and specials, and games that have the potential to spark family conversations, entertain families of all kinds, and have a positive, lasting effect on society.

50 TV Shows Every Kid Should See at Least Once — Guess which media type kids and teens love most. Social media? Nope. Video games? Nope. It’s TV. That’s right, kids still love good old-fashioned television.

Best Video Games of the Year: 2021 — Whether you’re looking for a little family-friendly competition, a soothing wilderness adventure, or a creative game-making outlet, these games are sure to leave a lasting impression.

¿Cómo hacer que las niñas se interesen por la ingeniería? — Consejos para que las niñas se interesen por las carreras de STEM y algunas recomendaciones de contenido que pueden estimular interés en las niñas.

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