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Lucie deLaBruere and Vermont Computer Science Teachers Association invite you to showcase what you are doing to highlight and celebrate Computer Science Week and show the world what is happening in Vermont schools!

VITA-LEARN  joins VT-AOE and VSLA to support the annual showcase of #VTED participating in #CSEdweek and #HourOfCode by sharing activities you can participate organized by Vermont Computer Science Teachers Association for this year’s Computer Science Education Week and Hour of Code.

Many school librarians are planning activities in our school for Computer Science Education Week ranging from an Hour of Code to week long activities.

Here are 3 ways you can join the fun – (More info at
Tag any social media post with #vted AND either #CSEdweek or #HourOfCode to be added to this showcase featuring Vermont schools.    (feel free to send info directly to if you prefer)

Join a networking event to connect with peers.  There will be  a couple virtual gathering places . You can also suggest a topic for a virtual gathering. 

Send in a video clip to be added to a collaborative music video featuring something you created with Code. ALI SPAGNOLI  has provided permission to use her famous Android ringtone song (Robots for Everyone) as soundtrack. Ali is a super creative musician, comedian, animator, techie who is also an anti-bullying, intellectual freedom warrior. 

We know these are challenging times - and our capacity is stretched - but ALL TOGETHER we can preserve some of the annual traditions that have shaped us to be an amazing #vted community.  Please reach out to me if you  have questions,  feedback or ideas. I'm on deck to help this week and next.

To connect with Lucie, you can email her at or reach her Google Voice number at 802-557-0013.

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