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We are excited to announce that Shannon McClintock Miller and Brianna Henneke Hodges will keynote this year’s Vermont Fest conference. Miller will open the conference on November 4, 2021. Hodges will be our closing keynote speaker on November 5, 2021.

Shannon Miller

Shannon McClintock Miller is the Innovation Director of Instructional Technology and Library Media at Van Meter Community School in Van Meter, Iowa. She is also the Future Ready Librarians Spokesperson working with librarians, educators, and students around the world every day as an international speaker, consultant, and author who has a passion for education, librarianship, advocacy, technology, social media, and making a difference in the world and lives of others, especially children. Shannon brings a special expertise and vision to conversations around school libraries, education, technology, creativity and student voice.

Follow her on Twitter @shannonmmiller. Find her at The Library Voice.

Brianna Henneke Hodges is known as a(n) education and innovation consultant, national keynote speaker, Future Ready Instructional Coach™, edtech leader, change management specialist, Director of Digital Learning, Experience, and Engagement, marketing and public relations strategist, classroom teacher, sports coach, learner, listener, and mom.

Follow her on Twitter @bhodgesEDU. Find her at

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