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Recognize A Teacher!

Vita-Learn along with our peer organizations, Vermont School Library Association, Vermont Principals’ Association, and the Vermont Superintendents Association would like to recognize and honor teachers that have worked tirelessly in support of Vermont students. We invite you to join us by recording a brief shout-out video to honor a teacher in your school district!

We will create compilation videos of your shout-outs and share them over social media to publicly recognize the great work and dedication of our teachers! Look to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, and hashtags #vted & #TeacherAppreciationWeek.

Submissions are open now until May 14, 2021! Look for compilations videos as early as May 3!!

We will use Screencastify Submit to record your video. If you know how Screencastify Submit works, and you are ready, just click the button below. Otherwise, keep scrolling for more detailed instructions!

A real Show of Appreciation! Give Kudos to your Teachers!


You can record your shout-out video on a computer with a webcam and microphone, a tablet, or a phone. If you are using a computer, you will need to use the Chrome Browser. On mobile devices, you should be able to use any browser.

Before you can record the video, Screencastify will ask you to login to a google account. Since Screencastify automatically uploads the finished video to Vita-Learn’s Google drive storage space, it needs your Google account to do so. The name and email address associated to the Google account you use will be embedded in the name of the video file.

Vita-Learn will not share or publish your email address.

We will ask for some basic information: Your name and email, the name and school of the teacher you are giving kudos to, and any social media handles of that teacher, if you know them (so we can tag them!). This will be done via a form at the bottom of this page.

When you submit the form, you will automatically be redirected to a webpage that will load the Screencastify interface where you can record your shout-out video.

Vita-Learn will not share or publish your email address.

Please introduce yourself before you give your kudos to the teacher of your choice. You can include the name of the school where the teacher works. Please do not include any names or other personally identifiable information (PII) of students, and limit the information about the teacher to school and an honorific and name, just as a student might address the teacher, for example, “Mr. Mao”. Please keep your video brief, about 20 seconds at the most!

You will be prompted to enable your camera and microphone, then the Record button will be active.

Computer: On a computer, when you click the Record button, a countdown timer will begin, and in 5 seconds, the camera will begin recording.

Mobile (Phone/Tablet): On a mobile device, when you click the Record button, your camera interface will become active. You will see a standard record button. Tap it to begin recording.

After recording, you will have an opportunity to view the video. You can then choose to submit it or re-record the video.

Teacher Appreciation Video How-to

Recognize a Teacher - Submit a Video Shout-out!

By submitting a video, you are granting Vita-Learn a royalty-free, unlimited license to the video and agree to allow Vita-Learn to include your video in a compilation that will be shared publicly. Vita-Learn reserves the right to modify the video to ensure appropriate privacy is maintained, for technical requirements, or for content as determined by Vita-Learn. This includes not publishing the video in a compilation.

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