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Vita-Learn will again provide aggregation of the purchase of Seesaw licenses for Vita-Learn member institutions. Together, 36 different school systems were able to save nearly $10,000 on licensing costs in the last year. We hope to further improve that savings this year! We do not anticipate that orders will need to be finalized until late spring. However, understanding the volume of sales that we can expect will facilitate the process, and it will allow us to get the best pricing that we can. For budgeting purposes, schools can assume that the price will match last year’s consortia price of $4.75 per license (discounted from $5.50 per license).

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Once pricing is finalized (anticipated no later than April), then we will begin to collect purchase orders. Invoices will be sent to you immediately with a payment due date of July 30, 2021. This will allow schools to pay for the licenses in either this fiscal year or next fiscal year. It is very important that payments are collected on time since Vita-Learn will be invoiced for the licenses on behalf of all consortia members, and Vita-Learn will need to have the funds available to make the payment.

If your district has not yet renewed its annual Institutional membership at the time of invoicing, the membership dues ($100) will need to be included on your purchase order.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is this year’s price for Seesaw?
    • This year’s price has not been established. Please submit your anticipated order in the form below to help Vita-Learn gauge the size of the order so that we can work with Seesaw to get the best price that we can. Remember, the larger the order, the more likely we can get a lower price.
  • When is the deadline to place an order?
    • The order deadline has not been established. It is anticipated that the deadline will be in mid-June.
  • Can orders be placed after the order deadline? Will the price be the same?
    • Yes, we will accept orders after the deadline at the same price. Orders placed on or before the deadline will be prioritized to ensure that they are available for the opening of school.
  • My school purchased Seesaw on its own last year. Can we renew through Vita-Learn’s consortia?
    • Yes, all Vita-Learn member institutions may purchase new or renewal licenses through the consortia regardless of past purchases.
  • When will licenses be issued? And what if my current license expiration date doesn’t align with Vita-Learn’s issue date?
    • Vita-Learn is working with Seesaw to align all Vita-Learn consortia school licenses to share the same issue date of August 1, 2021. That means this year’s purchases licenses will expire July 31, 2022. By doing so, we establish an anniversary that allows us to renew each year in the spring as a group to gain best pricing as well as to provide flexibility to schools to pay before or after the end of the fiscal year (June 30). If you current licenses expire with about 1 month of our planned issue date, Vita-Learn has already negotiated a no-cost extension to bring your license anniversary date to our planning August 1 date. Once pricing is finalized, by submitting your purchase order as soon as possible, we should be able to modify your expiration date at that time so that you do not receive automate renewal notices from Seesaw’s automated backend systems. If your licenses are expiring during March, April, May, please contact Jeff Mao.
  • We are an independent school in Vermont. Can we purchase through the Vita-Learn consortia?
    • Yes, any Vermont independent school may join as a Vita-Learn Institutional member. As a member, you gain access to all Vita-Learn consortia pricing contracts.
  • If you have additional questions, please contact Jeff Mao.

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