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Peter Drescher, Director of Technology at Essex Westford has organized a CatchON demo for his district and since Vita-Learn has recently negotiated CatchON’s participation in the Vita-Learn Purchasing Consortia Partner program, we wanted to broaden the discussion to a larger audience for the benefit off all.  

On December 8 from 1-2 PM CatchON will present on the product and answer questions from the Essex Westford team, and there will be time for questions from other districts too. 

CatchON is a tool that uses data analytics and compiles real-time data on every device at home and school, and lets one see and make decisions about the apps and online tools educators and students are using.

Peter has indicated his interest in the conversation along these lines:

Essex Westford is struggling to get a solid “handle” on software, app, and tool use across the district both in remote and in-school learning. In particular they are seeking:

  • To know software/apps usage across the district. Who is using what? How many students and teachers are actually using it regularly? How many licenses do we REALLY need to purchase each year? 
  • To find some way to engage usage and “engagement” with students. While that data are elusive, we want to see what student patterns emerge when they are learning remote or even learning in general in regular school day classes, etc.  Where do they spend their time? How much time are they doing activities, and what kinds of things are they creating? 
  • Seriously determine what we are getting from the companies we now engage with as far as analytics? And how does it compare to this?
  • To understand the cautions this brings up.  We don’t want to engage in “spyware” or put our educators in a position where they believe we are seeking to disrupt their teaching and learning with the tools and apps.  This will take some training and trust and some transparency on our part to settle those fears.  In the end, we hope it can be a tool for finding the best solutions for tools and apps that produce the most positive outcomes and results.  

Join us on Dec. 8 at 1PM.  Register Now for this online opportunity!

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