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Click HERE to ENTER the Password Protected EXTRA HELP WEBSITE.
Fill out the form below to get the ACCESS CODE.

Sign up using the form above to access
our volunteer EXTRA Help Site where you can
~sign up to volunteer to support others with their tech needs
~set up an appointment for some 1:1 help with someone to answer educational technology questions
~get technical help with something not working quite right
~receive help curating resources around a certain skill or content area to use with your students
~connect with others that have similar roles, content, grade level, etc
~learn or gain fluency with certain edtech tools or practice
~get help setting up a PD or training for colleagues in your school
~work with our partners and get training and mentoring to design remote learning experiences
~find just the right screencast or get help making  your own screencast to support students, parents, or other adults in your school.
~access the expertise of other collaborators throughout the #vted community
Thank you to the many #vted community and collaborators
supporting our schools during emergency remote learning

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