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Dynamic Landscapes 2016 was the best yet!

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The perfect venue for a Spring conference, Champlain College, VT!

Surveys are in and Dynamic Landscapes 2016 was our highest rated conference yet!

Thanks to all our attendees, presenters, immersive workshop and advanced maker class folk for sharing their innovation! To our vendors, thank you as well for supporting Vermont education!

It’s a lot of work to put on a conference and here’s a special thank you to…

The VSLA and VITA-Learn boards!

Kathy Lawrence and Shannon DeSantis from the VSLA!

Lucie Delabruere for organizing the Innovation Space!

Jessica Wilson for her incredible work on the DL website, surveys, Sched, and certificate work!

Donna Sullivan-Macdonald for organizing the BBQ!

Diana Laufenberg for helping assemble our immersive presenters from abroad!

Caleb Clark for organizing the advanced maker classes at the EMC!

Sue Lindberg and the staff at Champlain College!

Paul Irish, the VITA-Learn Executive Director for all of his work!

A special thank you to our conference organizers Ed Barry and Sue Hoffer! Ed and Sue have decided to retire this year and we thank them for their involvement in State conferences since 1986!


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Here are some great changes coming up in the Fall or 2016 and in 2017!

VT Fest 2016
Charge up at VT Fest 2016 at the Killington Grand Resort in early November, 2016! VT Fest will feature immersive workshops and workgroups to learn, sessions of all shapes and sizes, creative spaces to help you innovate, and a new social event for the whole conference!

DL 2017
If you thought DL 2016 was great… just wait! We’ve got some great changes in motion for this conference in late May 2017!

Regional Workshops throughout VT!
Regional Workshops fire up in September 2016! Grab some FREE PD at a location near you! Stay tuned as events will be added to the VL calendar in the Fall! Vermont is a #GoOpen State and we’ll be offering workshops throughout Vermont on what Open Education Resources can do for our schools!

Book your trip to any VL conference in the Fall
Reserve your PD money in the Fall! We’ll be offering vouchers to all VITA-Learn conferences starting in late August!

Vermont Innovation Summit 2016
Negotiations are underway to assemble all the leaders from every group, foundation, State government and VT Legislature for a (much needed) leadership summit! Getting all the organization communicating and working together… it’s time!

Connecting with New England ISTE!
We’re in talks to open up opportunities to share innovation more readily with our neighbors! Stay tuned!

So there’s a few quick updates!

We’re taking more care than ever to build learning opportunities into new formats and help people innovate! We’re just getting started.

Please spread us spread the word! Membership to VITA-Learn is free! Grab some familiar faces and help the new folks get acclimated to PD resources and innovation in Vermont!

Thank you so much for all the incredible work you do for kids and communities in Vermont!

Have a rejuvenating Summer season!


Adam Provost, President

Vita-Learn Member