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Immersive Workshops at DL 2016… all included in the regular admission price!

We’ve got more opportunities than ever before to expand your learning! Dive into an Immersive 1/2 day or full day workshop with an expert!  We’ve got an expert lineup coming! Here are just a few!

Click here for the full Immersive Workshop Schedule

zacZac Chase

Building School 2.0 (1/2 day)

Zac Chase and Chris Lehmann literally wrote the book on Building School 2.0. The model outlined in Building School 2.0 presents ninety-five theses that are designed to help educators and administrators—in all schools both private and public—examine specific practices in their own schools. These ninety-five theses are written with the intention to open conversations and elicit questions for educators and administrators to explore with colleagues. Join Zac for an immersive workshop that challenges educators and administrators to construct more modern and humane spaces for our most cherished resource: our students.

mbTEach!Mary Beth Hertz

Building a Student Centric Advisory Program (full day)

A well crafted advisory program can serve as the anchor of a school system. Building strong relationships between students and a faculty advocate throughout their school experience is challenging and incredibly rewarding at the student, staff and school level. Join Mary Beth in a workshop that explores the qualities of an effective advisory program and work to bring the best of advisory into your school environment.

JakesDavid Jakes

Design Thinking (1/2 day)

This conversation engages participants in a holistic treatment of the design thinking process, and helps them to begin developing a design mind, one that sees problems and issues always as a design problem. Participants will form design teams, and use the process of design thinking to address a contemporary issue surrounding education (design provocation). Embedded in this conversation will be strategies to help participants vision design thinking as a 21st Century pedagogy, and one that deeply engages students in developing solutions to human needs. Additionally, other components that support the process, such as developing the types of learning spaces that support such design thinking, will be addressed. After developing a prototype solution, participants will have an opportunity to share and receive feedback on their designs.


Designing Modern Learning Spaces (Full day)

Connective technologies, mobile devices, and new global learning opportunities are reshaping how, what and where people learn. Conversely, traditional brick and mortar schools are composed of decades-old classrooms designed to support a different type of learning from a different age. So, do our current schools, to maintain relevance and effectiveness, need to rethink how their spaces are used to support learning in a connected world? The answer is yes. In this session, we’ll explore exemplars of physical space design and strategies for rethinking how “classrooms” can be rethought to support a more contemporary learning experience.

DianaDiana Laufenberg

Student Centric PLPs (1/2 day)

Focusing on the student as the most important agent in their own education is the goal of PLPs. Join Diana to workshop the ins and outs of making this process relevant, meaningful and effective. Practical examples and time for works-hopping your best and biggest ideas for helping students find their own voice and agency in their education.


Using Your Time Wisely: Reimanging School Scheduling (1/2 day)

One of the largest drivers in a school experience is the schedule. It is also one of the least innovative pieces of the school experience. Join Diana to discuss a variety of approaches and models of school schedules to meet the educational mission and vision of your educational setting.

latimerBrad Latimer

Project Based Mathematics 9-12 (Full day)

Brad Latimer is an expert in inquiry and project based math from the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia and will be coming to DL! Latimer will bring tons of battle tested example projects for grades 9-12 and lead this immersive discussion to move math away form worksheets and into perplexing problems and deeply collaborative student work. Come with questions and leave with great resources, strategies and connections!

marcinek Andy Marcinek

Open Education Resources (1/2 day)

The U.S. Department of Education’s #GoOpen campaign encourages states, school districts and educators to use openly licensed educational materials to transform teaching and learning. Learn what it takes to be a #GoOpen District or State and how to begin or sustain that work.


Open Educational Resources in the Classroom (1/2 day)
With the advent of so many online resources, teachers are fortunate to be able to pull from a vast pool of resources. As an expert in the field of OER and the Chief Open Education Advisor at the Office of Education Technology, join Andrew in a hands on, immersive workshop to locate, evaluate and incorporate more open educational resources in your classroom.


And More! Check the full immersive schedule list for more details!

Click here for the Immersive Workshop Schedule


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