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VITA-Learn, VSLA, and VT-AOE encourage you to register for this annual two-day spring conference that showcases the very best Vermont educators have to offer. Whether it is ground-breaking classroom practices, deep and thoughtful conversations for technology integrationists, exchanging of innovative practices and implementing of new ideas for librarians, sharing of the latest and greatest for tech specialists or administrators staying abreast of the latest technological developments, Dynamic Landscapes offers an abundance of opportunities for educators in almost every area.

This year we not only have four outstanding keynotes but our offering of nearly 80 workshops including several daytime hands-on sessions offers the best professional development opportunities available. In addition we are offering 11 late afternoon workshops on a variety of topics where participants can choose to get brand new equipment or bring their own.

In addition to all of learning opportunities available, this event provides a wonderful opportunity to Network with fellow Vermont educators. Are you still not sure if this conference is for you? Take a look…

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