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Hour of Code 2014Vermont Thinks About CODE

Join Vermont’s Collaborative Hour of Code Showcase and Live Events

VITA-Learn, Vermont Agency of Education, and GEG-Vermont invite you to participate in live events all next week featuring fabulous role models for your students via our Speaker Series as part of Computer Science Week.

We also invite you to share your pictures, videos, and code samples from your participation in Hour of Code.

We’ve even set up a special KODESTARS arcade for students to submit and play games created by Vermont students.

Check it out at You’ll find detailed instructions on how you can participate.

And spread the word.  Let’s create a dynamic showcase of what’s happening in our schools Dec 8 – 12.

Think About Code Vermont is a collaboration between Vita-Learn,  Vermont Agency of Education, and GEG~ Vermont

If you have any questions about how you can help paint the picture of Vermont’s participation in Hour of Code,  contact  Lucie deLaBruere, Vita-Learn IGNITE coordinator  at ignite@Vita-Learn or Peter Drescher, Agency of Education at Peter.

Vermont Thinks About CODE

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