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Conference Logo and Poster

Design Contest for the May 2015 Conference, Dynamic Landscapes

$250 to a K-12 School Student!

The poster design must:

  • Motivate and excite teachers to sign-up for the conference, i.e., bold, attractive, modern design.
  • Be aesthetically attractive.
  • Prominently incorporate the Dynamic Landscapes 2015 logo that you create
  • Include the theme “Do, Make and Create” (same as last year)
  • Incorporate a VITA-Learn logo, or your version of it (at top of this document)
  • Be submitted in native electronic format and pdf format
  • Be of high resolution
  • Include dates of May 21-22, 2015
  • Have a color palette of your choice
  • Be 12.5 inches x 18.75 inches in size
  • Represent the purpose of Dynamic Landscapes: Promote and support the use of information technology by students and teachers to transform Vermont education.
  • Include keynote speakers’ pictures and names (use fake photos and fake names – we’ll put in the real people when we know who they are).

For reference, the conference poster from 2014.

A committee will review the submissions and select a finalist.  The committee reserves the right to modify a design or reject all designs. The designer(s) must be willing to transfer all ownership rights to VITA-Learn upon payment. The committee also reserves the right to select the logo design of a student and the poster of another student, in which case the prize will be awarded at $125 to each student.

The Deadline is December 8, 2015.  Submit by email to, and feel free to contact Steve with questions.

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