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Building Teacher Capacity with Apple Teacher


Learn about Apple Teacher, a free self-paced professional learning program for educators. You’ll explore the Apple Teacher Learning Center, where you can build skills with iPad and Mac that directly apply to teaching. You can also earn badges and recognition for the things you learn and be rewarded for great work.

Speaker bio: Matt Brooks is an Education Development Executive at Apple Inc.

Teaching & Learning

The World Is My Audience

I struggled with getting my students to invest time and effort in creative writing. I tried hundreds of journal prompts and writing activities but nothing worked. Then, a simple idea had a profound impact on my classroom. 

I realized that students are significantly more motivated when they know the content they create will reach a global audience. Rather than create a piece of homework for the teacher to mark and maybe sit on the fridge at home, they were authoring media-rich digital books for the world to see!  

In this engaging and interactive session you will hear Jon’s story and learn about how publishing had a transformative effect on the engagement of his students and the quality of their work. You will also learn Book Creator’s features and discuss how it can create a student centered environment in your classroom. 

Jon Smith
Jon Smith

Speaker Bio: Jon Smith is currently the Teacher Success Manager for Book Creator and an Apple Distinguished Educator class of 2015. Jon was a special education teacher for 12 years before spending the last 7 years as a Technology Integration Specialist for Alliance City Schools where his digital book projects have attracted attention for their global reach and practical approaches to integrating transliteracy practices into the classroom. Jon has organized nine global digital book projects in which classrooms from around the world wrote and published digital books.  He is married with 3 children. Jon is a scratch golfer.  In his spare time, he teaches a graduate course on engaging technologies, plays golf and details cars. You can connect with Jon on Twitter @theipodteacher

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Going Virtual with Coding and Robotics, with Dash!

Dash’s Neighborhood, by Wonder Workshop is your easy way to introduce coding and robotics to students, in a virtual environment. All of the beloved features that Dash offers is now available through a virtual environment, which makes coding and robotics with COVID precautions set up now easier more than ever. You won’t miss a hiccup when teaching coding and robotics thanks to virtual Dash’s full robotic features, and Bryan L. Miller, Senior Director Global Strategic Outreach at Wonder Workshop will walk you through getting started.

Bryan Miller

Presenter Bio: Bryan L. Miller is the Senior Director Global Strategic Outreach at Wonder Workshop, creators of Dash, Dot and Cue robots. He is a former kindergarten teacher, K-5 computer teach, and Director of Educational Technology at one of the largest, private, independent schools in the U.S. Bryan has traveled the world as an international keynote presenter, and education consultant. You can connect with Bryan on Twitter at @BryanLMiller or learn more about Bryan by visiting www.bryanLmiller.com.

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Preparing Students for Tomorrow’s Headlines

How can we help students navigate misinformation and a 24 hour news cycle? Join Common Sense Education as we dive into an example of a lesson that helps students navigate if they think breaking news is broken. In this interactive session, we will explore the digital citizenship skills and habits of mind that will help prepare students to break the mis/disinformation cycle, build fact checking skills, and expand their perspectives by exploring credible & diverse sources. Participants will leave with lessons and resources from Common Sense Education and across the web to help support students to be critical and not cynical when processing news online.

Barbara Huth

Presenter Bio: Barbara Huth is the Education Program Manager for Common Sense Education in the DC Metro/Mid Atlantic area.  She collaborates with teachers, administrators, and education leaders to build a culture of digital citizenship, well being and engagement within our school communities.   She has 15 years of experience in education and prior to joining Common Sense, Barbara was a National Board Certified High School Science Teacher.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in integrated health studies from Kent State University and a master’s degree in comprehensive science education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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Online Resources in your Classroom – VTLIB Has You Covered!

Incorporate statewide online resources in your classrooms. Learn about the resources from VTLIB that are available to you and your students. In this session, April and Josh will discuss the Vermont Online Library and Learning Express, as well as show which resources can be used for various grade levels and academic needs. Tools available within the resources to help incorporate them into your online presence will also be shown.

Attendees should have the links to access their school’s Vermont Online Library and Learning Express sites handy. If they do not know these links, they can contact Joshua Muse at Joshua.Muse@vermont.gov to request them.

Speaker Bio: April and Josh are Library Consultants at the Vermont Department of Libraries (VTLIB). Working together they provide assistance accessing and using the Vermont Online Library, Learning Express, and other online services available to libraries from VTLIB.

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Equitable Access to Digital Resources in Canvas

Often when we think about Equitable Access, we think about equitably scaling curriculum across a state or district.  However, the importance of ensuring that all students are able to access the resources and tools we scale to them is non-negotiable. In this session, we’ll breakdown how Canvas is the most accessible platform in the industry as well as discuss best practices when building and managing Canvas courses.

Rachel Swanson

Speaker Bio: Rachel, a K12 Senior Solutions Engineer for Instructure (Canvas) is thrilled to be joining her hometown community of Vermont Educators! She is a VTVLC alum where she previously managed the technology for the Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative. It was her work with VTVLC that shaped her vision and passion as an Educational Technologist. Today she works with schools throughout the US and Canada that are evaluating Learning Management Systems and Assessment Management Systems and serves an educational technology resource to teachers, administrators and technology leaders as they navigate their evaluation process and manage change for their organizations.

Teaching & Learning

Academic Integrity Round Table Discussion

Online education has awarded instructors all over the country the opportunity to truly personalize instruction for each individual student. Join the FLVS team as we discuss best practices in paving the way for your students. In this hands-on session, attendees will learn how to personalize the individual student experience using discussion-based assessments and flexible pacing options. These practices have resulted in increased content mastery for students as they complete their education in the online environment.

Michelle Licata

Speaker Bio: Michelle graduated from Florida State University with B.S. in Social Science Education Grades 6-12 and went on to earn her Ph. D. from University of Florida in Educational Leadership. Michelle has been a member of the FLVS team for almost 15 years! She spent time as an instructor, curriculum writer, and now serves as an account manager partnering with schools in the Northeast find solutions to help students.

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FLASH (3:50 PM): Vermont Online Teaching Specialist and Relicensure

This session will provide a summary of the four ways to earn your Vermont Online Teaching Specialist endorsement and what you’ll need in order to renew it in Vermont once you have it. We will talk about the programs available at the Northeast Online Teaching Institute in order to meet the standards of the OTS endorsement.

Speaker Bio: Jennifer Fribush is the Professional Development Coordinator for VTVLC. She is a Computer Science and Math teacher who has taught face to face and online in Vermont for two decades. Ms. Fribush has created a number of Computer Science classes for VTVLC as well as developing the Certificate in Online Teaching program at the Northeast Online Teaching Institute. Ms. Fribush is also currently serving on the Vermont State Board for Professional Educators (VSBPE) and was previously Chair of her Local Standards Board. She can be contacted at jfribush@neoti.org.

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FLASH (3:30 PM): Zoom in a Flash – Security is Key!

Connect, collaborate, educate, and optimize your remote learning experiences with Zoom’s in-meeting security tools. Join our 15-minute flash session to learn how Zoom is helping schools and organizations navigate the challenges they are facing during the pandemic!

Speaker Bio: Lexus Words is the Partner Program Success Manager at ENA, where she collaborates with school systems and customers alike to provide the highest quality technology solutions. To help navigate the rapidly changing virtual environment, Lexus collaborates with customers to ensure that each one has a successful experience with all ENA products and services. She provides training and resources to develop remote events and classes that are both secure and private, while also making learning fun for customers.

Monica Cougan is the Manager of Strategic Relationships and Initiatives at ENA, where she leverages more than 35 years of experience in education and technology to help schools make the most of new technology. She has been an evangelist for the adoption of technology as a transformative educational tool.  Monica has extensive experience helping K-12 school districts implement programs that foster systemic change.

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Supporting Blended Learning for Vermont CTE Pathways

During this session, participants will take a look under the hood and learn how blended learning can be supported in the CTE classroom with online curriculum leading to industry recognized credentials (IRCs). This session will be guided by both the Director/Principal of VTVLC (a Distance CTE Pioneer in VT) and a solutions provider from eDynamics, the premier CTE curriculum pathways providers in North America. Bring your curiosity and questions to this “think outside the box” session!

Jeff Renard

Speaker Bio: Jeff is the Founder and Director of the Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative (VTVLC), Vermont’s K-12 online learning program. VTVLC serves thousands of students by connecting them with courses that are not offered locally, not accessible due to scheduling conflicts, or that are not offered at times that help students achieve success. In addition, Jeff also is the founder of the Northeast Online Teaching Institute (NEOTI) which provides professional development in online and blended learning. NEOTI offers a Certificate in Online Teaching which prepares educators to obtain the Vermont Agency of Education’s endorsement as an Online Teaching Specialist (OTS). Jeff has over 33 years of education experience in Career Technical Education, Academics, Online and Blended Learning, and Professional Learning through the Graduate level.