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Scavenger Hunt Submission Form

Each Monday, after the keynote speaker (~7:30 PM ET), we will host a social gathering using the platform (Chrome browser required). There is no cost to creating an account at Gather (in fact, you don’t even have to create an account). In the virtual setting, we will set out some virtual objects for participants to find. These objects will be scripted to display an image, document, video, or website of your choosing. For more information about the types of things that we can embed, please visit:

Each week we will give provide a list of clues or questions for participants to find in the content that are attached to these objects. Attendees completing the scavenger hunt will be entered into that night’s door prize drawings.

If you would like to be included in the scavenger hunt and door prizes, please this form once for each week that you will participate. Participation requires that you provide at least one prize for that week. Please make your clues or questions relatively simple so that attendees don’t give up or feel like they have to spend enormous amounts of time reviewing your website or whatever asset you link to. Keep it fun!

You can change the linked asset and clue each week since many people will be same people as the week prior!

DEADLINE: Submissions are due no later than April 30!

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