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Conference Registration Information

Individual Registration

All Conference Pass
$ 49 All Conference Pass
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Dynamic Landscapes Symposium
  • Workshops

À la carte pricing reflect regular pricing

Group Pricing

You may purchase an All School Pass that provides every educator, administrator, and staff member in your school a registration to Dynamic Landscapes. For each All School Pass, you will be provided two (2) additional registrations for a district administrator that is not otherwise directly associated to your school.

If you purchase All School Passes for all schools in the district, then all district administrators and staff are provided registrations at no additional cost. For district pricing, combine your teacher counts for all schools to determine the correct pricing tier.

Pricing of the All School Pass is based on your school’s total Teacher count as a proxy for size.

Teacher CountCost Multiplier
1-15$299 flat rate

Example: If your school has 23 teachers, 4 administrators, and 17 additional staff (office, paraprofessionals, etc.), an All School Pass would cost 23 x $20 = $460. With that pass, all 44 members of your school community will be registered for Dynamic Landscapes PLUS you two (2) district office personnel of your choosing.

Group Discounts:

  • Groups of 6 or more All Conference Passes: 5% discount
  • Groups of 11 or more All Conference Passes: 10% discount
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