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Adapting and Managing a Hybrid Learning Environment

Dean Leclerc, Director of Engineering from Whalley Computer Associates will host a session focused on new Hybrid Classroom technologies, and solutions to managed them.  WCA was founded by John Whalley, a high school math teacher and IT administrator and the company continues to play a significant role in helping schools of all sizes implement and support technology.  This session will cover wired and wireless infrastructure concerns as well as tools and techniques to monitor your remote students and faculty.  Dean will also talk about Internet connectivity and bandwidth management and testing.

Speaker Bio: Dean is currently the Director of Engineering at WCA and has been with the company since 1985 when he joined the technical team.  Dean brings over 35 years of experience working with all WCA clients across all vertical markets.  Dean has held many technical certifications throughout his various roles at WCA.  Today Dean works with the account teams and the TAM Team to provide both business and technical design and deployment consulting services.  Dean also works directly with our manufactures to determine that our portfolio of products and services continues to be on the cutting edge while meeting all our client’s needs.

Teaching & Learning, School Leadership & Management

An Introduction to the Lexile & Quantile Hub

This presentation offers both a quick “tour” and some “hands on time” to explore the new Lexile & Quantile Hub, a “one stop shop” for Lexile and Quantile tools for students, parents, and educators. 

This session addresses the following topics:

  • Accessing the Hub
  • Creating and managing your account
  • Support, Quick Start Guides, and video tutorials
  • An overview of the individual Lexile and Quantile tools


Jane Scott

Speaker Bio: Jane Scott joined MetaMetrics, an educational research firm in Durham, North Carolina in 2008 and is responsible for designing and conducting professional development for educators at the school, regional and state levels around the country. She has 25 years experience as a classroom teacher and prior to retirement from public education, Jane spent 7 years as a Curriculum Facilitator for a school district in North Carolina. She has also served as a consultant to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction in the area of teacher retention, license renewal and also served as a trainer for various state math initiatives. 

Teaching & Learning

Building Teacher Capacity with Apple Teacher

Learn about Apple Teacher, a free self-paced professional learning program for educators. You’ll explore the Apple Teacher Learning Center, where you can build skills with iPad and Mac that directly apply to teaching. You can also earn badges and recognition for the things you learn and be rewarded for great work.

Speaker bio: Matt Brooks is an Education Development Executive at Apple Inc.

Teaching & Learning

The World Is My Audience

I struggled with getting my students to invest time and effort in creative writing. I tried hundreds of journal prompts and writing activities but nothing worked. Then, a simple idea had a profound impact on my classroom. 

I realized that students are significantly more motivated when they know the content they create will reach a global audience. Rather than create a piece of homework for the teacher to mark and maybe sit on the fridge at home, they were authoring media-rich digital books for the world to see!  

In this engaging and interactive session you will hear Jon’s story and learn about how publishing had a transformative effect on the engagement of his students and the quality of their work. You will also learn Book Creator’s features and discuss how it can create a student centered environment in your classroom. 

Jon Smith
Jon Smith

Speaker Bio: Jon Smith is currently the Teacher Success Manager for Book Creator and an Apple Distinguished Educator class of 2015. Jon was a special education teacher for 12 years before spending the last 7 years as a Technology Integration Specialist for Alliance City Schools where his digital book projects have attracted attention for their global reach and practical approaches to integrating transliteracy practices into the classroom. Jon has organized nine global digital book projects in which classrooms from around the world wrote and published digital books.  He is married with 3 children. Jon is a scratch golfer.  In his spare time, he teaches a graduate course on engaging technologies, plays golf and details cars. You can connect with Jon on Twitter @theipodteacher

Dinner over Zoom

Friday Night Dinner!

Get your dinner, and bring it back to your computer! Join a session room, and have dinner with friends, new and old! These special dinner “session” rooms will be set up so that anyone can turn on their audio/video. Join in!

At 6:30 pm, we will gather for the Halloween Costume Contest! More door prizes!