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Playful Learning Lounge: Create with Cardboard

Due to the drop-in format, no recordings were made of the Playful Learning Lounge.

Grab some scrap cardboard, scissors, exacto knife, masking tape, glue or a glue gun, and come ready to learn some new techniques for creating cardboard attachments.

Prepare to unleash your creativity as you create with cardboard.

Learn a New Skill, Tips, and Tricks for creating with Cardboard
Create and Make Time with your New Skill
Connect and Discuss ideas for designing playful learning using Cardboard
Enter the No Tech – Low Tech – High Tech Playful Learning Challenge

Caty Wolfe is the Pre-Tech instructor at Center for Technology in Essex with a focus on art and technology She has integrated Design Thinking and Making into her curriculum and her students are always challenging her to push the boundaries. Her students have collaborated with creators of Pinbox 3000 to take the Pinboxes to new levels


Design a Playful Learning Experience for

~End of Year Learning
~Summer Learning
~Back to School Engagemen

Stop by the Playful Learning Lounge Mondays& Thursdays 3:30 – 4:30PM

~Learn a new skills in 15 minutes or less

~Create and Make Something Fun during a 15 minute practice time

~Connect with others explore ideas for Designing Playful Learning

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