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KEYNOTE: Developing Digital Detectives: Essential Lessons for Helping Learners Survive and Thrive During an INFOdemic

In this fun, interactive keynote, we’ll tackle what Jennifer considers the most important work of our time: helping today’s learners develop into Digital Detectives, capable of evaluating information to determine what’s been designed to inform us vs what’s been designed to influence, manipulate or even harm us. Participants will walk away from this session with practical tips for getting started tomorrow along with the reignition of the ethical imperatives driving this work. The road ahead is long and difficult, and our students need guides along the way. Jennifer has built this session to be your map and compass. Let’s get started!

Jennifer LaGarde is a lifelong teacher and learner with over 20 years in public education. Her educational passions include leveraging technology to help students develop authentic reading lives, meeting the unique needs of students living in poverty and helping learners (of all ages) discern fact from fiction in the information they consume. A huge fan of YA Literature, Jennifer currently lives, works, reads and drinks lots of coffee in Olympia, Washington. Follow her adventures at or on Twitter @jenniferlagarde.

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