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Spreadsheets can make some nice graphs, but taking those graphs and tables and putting them into a presentation, or report, or website is not always that simple, especially if you want that data to be up-to-date.  Google actually has a program that does all of that, it is called Google Data Studio (GDS).   For Administration it has allowed them to have nicely formatted reports they had control to filter the data as needed.   We used it to generate a live donation graph that updated based on Google Form submissions, and we were able to create a searchable & filterable staff directory with photos.   GDS could be used by students and teachers in the classroom as a way to visualize data collected in all those great STEM activities.   

Bjorn Behrendt is the Technology Innovation and Data Management Specialist for Bennington Rutland Supervisory Union. He has been working in educational technology for 20 years and a regular presenter at the VT conferences. Bjorn also teaches courses through The Center For Schools in Castleton.

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