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November 1-3, 2023

Killington Grand Resort Hotel, Killington VT

Future Ready Librarian Summit: Empowering Librarians as Leaders

Shannon Miller and Bill Bass, facilitators of the Future Ready Librarian Summit: Empowering Librarians as Leaders

Join Shannon McClintock Miller and Bill Bass for an empowering and interactive workshop designed specifically for  librarians looking to enhance their leadership skills in today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape. The Future Ready Librarian Summit will equip librarians with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to lead from the library and collaborate effectively with teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders within their school community.

During this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to draw from the wealth of experience and expertise of Shannon and Bill, as well as learn from each other through meaningful discussions and hands-on activities. The summit will focus on:


      1. Redefining the role of the librarian

      1. Building collaborative partnerships:

      1. Exploring emerging trends, technologies, and resources shaping the future of libraries. 

      1. Way to amplifying student voice to  help them become active creators and contributors in the learning process. 

    Participants will leave with a comprehensive toolkit of innovative ideas, best practices, and actionable strategies that they can immediately implement in their libraries. 

    Join us to unlock your full potential as a future-ready librarian, ready to lead, inspire, and make a lasting impact on your school community. The Future Ready Librarian Summit will be a part of the Vermont Fest 2023 schedule. 

    If you’d like to work with these experts further, we encourage you to also register for the pre-conference event: Future Ready Schools Leadership Forum. They will be joined by keynote speaker Adam Phyall to facilitate the pre-conference event. Register now!

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