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November 1-3, 2023

Killington Grand Resort Hotel, Killington VT

Lucie deLaBruere (2022) & Amy Truchon (2023) ISTE Making IT Happen Awardees

Vermont Fest Nov 2-3, 2023 — Amy Truchon, Burlington Public Schools, and Tim O’Leary, Champlain Valley school District were honored at the 2023 Vermont Fest conference for their excellence and contributions to Vermont’s education technology community.

Amy Truchon was recognized as the 2023 ISTE Making IT Happen awardee. ISTE and ISTE’s affiliates have presented this award to nearly 500 worthy leaders since the program began. The award recognizes people who demonstrate extraordinary leadership, courage, innovation, and persistence in improving learning opportunities for students. Last year’s honoree, Lucie deLaBruere said the she is, “…a fantastic teammate who has a consistent desire for clarity and transparency that advocates for students and staff. She never hesitate to voice when a system unfairly impacts marginalized groups, and is a voice supporting equity in the Burlington School district.” Learn more about the ISTE Making IT Happen award and for list of past Vermont awardees.

Tim O’Leary was recognized as the 2023 Frank Watson awardee. Vita-Learn has presented this award annually since 2005. The award named in honor of Frank Watson is presented to a person whose many years of devoted service, vision and leadership have significantly advanced Vermont educational technology at the local, regional and state level. Frank Watson is an educational technology advocate who has been involved in education for over 50 years. Frank served as Executive Director of the Vermont Institute for Science, Math, and Technology (VISMT), Executive Director of VITA-Learn, and directed the University of Vermont College of Education Information Technology Program. Now retired, he continues to advocate for the best in education practice. Learn more about the Frank Watson award and for list of past Vermont awardees.

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