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The Vita-Learn board of directors, conference organizers, and Killington Grand Resort Hotel are working together to help keep our event participants safe and healthy during the Vermont Fest Conference. Please review the Duty of Care plan.

The Vermont Fest conference planning committee is excited to announce that Roger Rosen will be speaking at Vermont Fest 2022!

Banning Books: An Assault Against Our Community, A Publisher’s Perspective
Roger Rosen of Rosen Publishing will provide a chilling historical perspective on book banning and burning and what it has meant to the society’s who suffered the effects. He will address the current unprecedented number of book challenges that librarians and educators are experiencing today while offering concrete suggestions for unity across job descriptions to allow stakeholders within and without the school community to work together to protect and encourage intellectual freedom.
About Roger:
Roger Rosen is currently Chairman of the Board of the Rosen Publishing Group after having served as President and CEO for 42 years. Rosen Publishing is a leader in creating curriculum-correlated titles and ancillaries for grades PreK-12 in the areas of social studies, health and guidance, science, art, fiction, Spanish and bilingual, biography, civics, mathematics, computer science, and social and emotional learning. Rosen Digital is the company’s Edtech division which creates databases, interactive ebooks, and the foundational literacy platform, LevelUp. Together with its affiliated companies, Gareth Stevens, Greenhaven, Lucent, Kidhaven, Enslow, Cavendish Square and Jackdaw, Rosen publishes more than 1,000 titles each year as well as hundreds of learning objects and digital resources. 

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