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The Vita-Learn board of directors, conference organizers, and Killington Grand Resort Hotel are working together to help keep our event participants safe and healthy during the Vermont Fest Conference. Please review the Duty of Care plan.

2022 Frank Watson Award Nominations Are Open

Frank Watson is an educational technology advocate who has been involved in education for over 50 years. Frank served as Executive Director of the Vermont Institute for Science, Math, and Technology (VISMT), Executive Director of VITA-Learn, and directed the University of Vermont College of Education Information Technology Program. Now retired, he continues to advocate for the best in education practice.

The award is presented to a person whose many years of devoted service, vision, and leadership have significantly advanced Vermont educational technology at the local, regional, and state level.

Past Awardees:

  • 2005 Frank Watson
  • 2006 Bill Romond
  • 2007 Ed Barry
  • 2008 Sandy Lathem
  • 2009 Lucie delaBruere
  • 2010 Craig Lyndes
  • 2011 Sue Monmaney
  • 2012 Charlie Wilson
  • 2013 John McSweeney
  • 2014 Bryant Patten
  • 2015 Bob Owens
  • 2016 Peter Drescher
  • 2017 Lauren Parren
  • 2018 Paul Irish
  • 2019 Brucie Donahue
  • 2020 Patricia Aigner
  • 2021 Bonnie Birdsall
Bonnie Birdsall-Frank Watson Award-2021
2021 Awardee, Bonnie Birdsall

Nominations close September 30, 2022

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