Hopin 101

A collection of videos to help you get ready for Vermont Fest 2020! Since our conference will be our first online conference, we’ve prepared a collection of brief videos to give you a little preview for how the interface looks and works!

The Basics

The Conference Session Schedule

Participating and Asking Questions as an Attendee

Hopin Presenter Tutorial - How to Share Slides and other Content, manage Q&A

Hopin Presenter Tutorial - How To Share An iPad Screen

Exhibitor/Sponsors: Sharing your video stream and slides from Expo Booth

Exhibitor/Sponsors: Hosting a Live Q&A from your Expo Booth

More information for Exhibitors and Sponsors

Your expo booth requires, at minimum two images: the Expo Banner and Vendor Logo. In the example below, you can see that the logo is placed on top of the banner in the top left corner. While Hopin recommends a 1080 x 1080 pixel logo file, it is displayed very small. So, make sure what you provide looks good when displayed approximately 70 x 70 pixels. The bottom half of your Expo Banner will have text superimposed over it in white text. Hopin has added an automatic gradient on the bottom half to help the white text display if your image has a light background. 

The Sponsor Banner is displayed in Registration. These images are a different aspect ratio than the Expo Banners (which are all unique depending on your sponsorship/exhibitor level. .Click to see images below to see a larger version. For more details about the recommended sizes of these images, please see: https://support.hopin.to/en/articles/3845686-image-and-gif-file-dimensions.

Virtual Vermont Fest Logo
Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative Logo

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