Register for Vermont Fest

  1. If your district purchased an ALL SCHOOL PASS or purchased your registration as part of a group, it is likely that you still need to register. If you know you already registered, you can skip this section!
  2. Please visit
  3. Select “Presenter Pass” and then enter the code that has been emailed to you into Presenter Pass Code field. Lost the code? Email Jeff Mao,,
  4. Complete all required fields and submit your registration.
  5. You should receive a confirmation email with a Subject: Vermont Fest Registration Confirmation that will contain a unique URL for you to use to create your Hopin account and connect it to Vermont Fest.

Create your Hopin account and Connect it to Vermont Fest

  1. Follow the URL provided to you in your registration confirmation email. If you can’t find the email, please contact Jeff Mao.
  2. Click the “Join event” button
  3. Enter the Name, Email, and a password to create your Hopin account. If you have attended a Hopin hosted event in the past, click the Sign In link above the form, and login with your existing Hopin account.

Registering for Vermont Fest and Setting up your Hopin Login account

I don't remember if i created a hopin account. How can I check?

  1. Follow the directions for creating a Hopin account (to the left of this answer!)
  2. If you already have an account, Hopin will not allow you to create a second account with the same email address.

I forgot my hopin password. How do I get a new one?

  1. Visit this page and enter your email address. Hopin will send you an email to set a new password.

Familiarize Yourself With Hopin!

How do I get to Vermont Fest 2020?

The address for Vermont Fest 2020 is:



Where is the schedule of workshops and presenters?

The online and most up-to-date schedule is posted here ( On this page, you can also download a PDF version of the schedule in condensed and expanded versions.

How do i get to A session room?

Once you are logged into Hopin and you’ve entered the event, click Sessions.

Sessions will not be visible until 5 minutes before the scheduled starting time. So, sessions scheduled for 4:30 pm will not appear in the Sessions area until 4:25 pm.

Feedback, PD Certificates and Door Prizes

Please complete a feedback survey for each session, including Keynote and Featured Speaker presentations. It is only 4 multiple choice questions and an optional fill in the blank for other comments. By completing the survey, you provide valuable feedback to our presenters. Additionally, you will also receive your Professional Development Certificate, and you will be entered into the daily door prize drawings. Some Door Prizes require that you visit the Expo booths to register for individual drawings. All drawings will be at 6:30 pm (W-F) and at 12:30 pm (Sat).

The survey can be found here:


Remember that links are case-sensitive!

How do i Visit a Expo Booth?

Once you are logged into Hopin and you’ve entered the event, click Expo.

Expo Booths are available from October 28, 1:30 pm until October 31, 1:30 pm. Some booths will be staffed by company representatives for certain hours. Visit each booth to learn more! Some of the door prize drawings require that you visit the booths and register for that prize!

What is a watercooler room?

Water cooler rooms are set up to allow any groups of attendees to gather and video chat with each other. They have no set topic or agenda, and they are available on a first-come first-serve basis. These are public spaces, and other attendees may show up in the room at anytime! You may politely ask others to leave a room if you are having a private conversation, but please be respectful of the limited and public nature of the water cooler rooms.

If you want to have a private video chat, you can initiate a private video chat by finding the person in the People tab in the sidebar, then invite them to a private video chat. But, for groups of 3 or more, we ask that you leverage your own video conferencing platforms as we are unable to manage creating private spaces during the conference, sorry!

What are the dinner session rooms?

Each evening from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm Vermont Fest breaks for dinner. We invite everyone to eat together at virtual tables in the virtual banquet hall. You’ll need to bring your own dinner! Dinner Session Rooms are set up in the Sessions area just like workshop session rooms except that there is no moderator. That means everyone (at least the first 8 or so) people can turn on their cameras. So, it’s a virtual round banquet table that seats about 8-10 people!

Some “rooms” will have no topic, and others will. They will be listed on the conference program with all of the workshop sessions. Please find a seat somewhere and join in. If you’d like to suggest a topic for one or more of the dinners, please email Jeff Mao,

I'm attending a Pre-Conference Workshop. Is that in Hopin too? How do I get to the Pre-Conference Workshop?

The Pre-Conference Workshops are hosted in Zoom. Specifics for each session were sent separately by the workshop leaders. If you did not get or you cannot find the login details for your workshop, please contact the workshop leader directly!

Digital Citizenship Workshop with Common Sense Education – Sue Thotz

A Caroling We Will Go with Create Make Learn – Lucie DeLaBruere

How do I get Help?

If you require technical assistance getting logged into the conference, please contact Jeff Mao, and/or Kelsey Christensen,

If you require technical assistance while you are at the conference, please stop by the Conference Help Desk found in the Expo area. The Conference Help Desk is staffed for most of the hours of the conference unless the staff has been pulled away to provide support in another part of the virtual venue!

If you require technical assistance during your session, most rooms will have a room helper who can provide assistance or alert the Conference Help Desk of the issue.

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