Regional Meetings

Regional Meetings

You are invited to attend a Vita-Learn Regional Meeting Near You!

Come network with other professionals from your regions to share ideas, ask  questions, design solutions, learn new skills, find out about unique local initiatives, build collaborations, and more!

What educational technology related topic interest you?  Come shape the future of YOUR organization and help us decide on topics for upcoming regional meetings!

Meeting Dates

Until conditions improve, we are moving the Regional Meetings to an online model. To improve communication and information sharing, we will host a single online meeting. At time, if needed, we will use breakout rooms to allow for regions to meet as a group! Meetings will be the first Thursday of each month at 4 PM. Please sign up for each individual meeting below.

Register to attend!

Click a date to sign up for a meeting. Each meeting registration is unique!

All members, including Corporate Members may attend the meetings. Registration lists are available to any member by request. Access to lists is for direct contacts only, and may not be used to subscribe registrants to mailing lists.

Regional Representatives

If you have ideas for topics of discussion or presenters for a meeting, please feel free to contact you regional coordinator! The five Viva-Learn Regions are outlined below in red. We hope to see you at a meeting!

Map of Vermont with Region Outlines