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Legends of Learning is where academic rigor meets fun and engagement. The game instruction platform teaches standards-aligned content through over 2,000 math and science games that teach and reinforce material covered in class. Based on research, this award-winning platform has been proven to drive engagement, accelerate learning and is associated with higher test scores when used regularly. With additional tools like lesson plans and real-time data, educators have a multitude of helpful resources at their fingertips to teach a wide range of lesson content and assess proficiency for stronger subject mastery, individualized learning and classroom engagement.

More than 10,000,000 students and teachers have used Legends of Learning across the country. Here’s what some teachers are saying about the platform:

What’s so important to me is that the students are choosing Legends of Learning and not forcing it on them. They’ll play it because it’s fun and they don’t realize they’re learning because of the video game aspect of it. The students know it’s a game and they’re doing higher level thinking without the strain.
5th Grade Science Teacher
Caldwell Intermediate School
I feel that using Legends of Learning on a consistent basis has provided me an edge in helping almost all of my students in their growth this year.  By using LOL regularly, my students have outperformed their grade-level peers in all of our standardized test scores.  I have also seen a majority of my students grow up to three times compared to the national average. – ,
Math and Science Teacher
River Pines Elementary
I started everyone (4-6) on Math Basecamp. I did not anticipate the wave of reaction from kids to Basecamp. WOW. Basecamp is working out for 4-6! Even the SPED kids that routinely melt down when confronted with any level of challenge are playing 20-40 minutes. THEY ARE IN THE ZONE. I hoped for this, but the reaction is off the charts.
Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 9.04.11 AM
Math Teacher
Mansfield City Schools


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Math Basecamp is the newest addition to our game-based learning platform that helps students of all ability levels to build understanding of basic math facts and move them from working to long-term memory. In addition to fact fluency, Math Basecamp provides foundational conceptual understanding and applications of facts to drive higher level thinking. Fresh, new modern gaming built by professional game studios that build the games that your students love and play at home!


Special rate for VITA-LEARN:

  • $10 per student for Learning Universe and the Awakening School
    • Minimum purchase of 60 seats or $600, capped at $3200 per school
  • $3,200 school licenses will also have Math Basecamp included for all students

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