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Inanimate Alice - A coming-of-age tale

Are you looking for an innovative reading and learning experience that will fascinate and engage your students? If so, we invite you to explore Inanimate Alice! An interactive, episodic digital narrative designed for today’s learners, Inanimate Alice tells the story of a girl who dreams of one day becoming a game designer.  

Readers can relate to Alice – she is a born gamer, as are many of today’s students. As she travels the world with her parents, she does her schoolwork, explores the world around her, and produces digital art including the creation of a digital friend, Brad, who lives on her device.  She talks to him, and he responds, just like an AI bot. But Brad is much more than an animated, interactive image – so much more.  

“Captivating storytelling”

“A unique immersive literary experience”

Let’s get into Multimodality!

Progressive in its complexity, the tale begins quite simply, Alice’s story advancing through increasingly sophisticated digital challenges. Supported by the age-appropriate, flexible curriculum, the series can serve as a cohesive, narrative spine through the curriculum for students from elementary school through middle school and into high school.

Episodes are supplemented with professional development repositories, assembled as courses, that encourage deeper investigations into Alice’s world. Each course has been developed around a Read, Imagine, Create, Share (RICS) framework, a semester-long modular program concluding with workshop and showcase prompts.  

Each of the episodes is illustrated with interactive instances, mini-games and an original soundtrack that makes the experience truly immersive.

Visit with Alice here:

Purchasing Consortia Information

Vita-Learn will provide purchasing aggregation for licensing of Inanimate Alice. Licensing is based on student seats, and is an annual subscription. The annual subscription focuses on 5 episodes which span Alice’s years in elementary and secondary education:

  • Student access to a streaming version of the story.
  • Teacher downloadable version compatible for Macintosh or Windows computers that can be played locally by a teacher in a classroom setting.
  • Quick Start Curriculum Guide for Grades 3-5 and 6-8

Purchasing Details and Instructions

To start, Vita-Learn will aggregate new subscription purchases for a term of August 1, 2024 to July 31, 2025. Orders must be submitted no later than July 31, 2024 to be included in the aggregated purchase. Late purchases will be licensed for 1 year from the time of purchase, and priced individually. Upon renewals, later subscribers may join the aggregated purchase, and we will sort out pro-rated pricing on a case-by-case basis.

Purchase orders should be calculated using the pricing below for the size of your student group. Assuming your order is part of an aggregated purchasing group, your invoice will reflect the pricing based on the aggregated total of students in the order. Invoices for the initial aggregated group order will be issued on August 1, 2024 based on all orders received by July 31, 2024. All orders must be submitted using the form below.

Pricing Table


Cost per student

















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