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Academic cloud computers

Grader Than Workspaces help K-12 districts overcome Chromebook limitations and save budget.

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With your existing hardware, your students and faculty can easily access their Workspace 24/7 from any modern browser. The technology that used to only be accessible in the computer lab, is now accessible from home.

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Scale Sustainability

Supported globally we can scale easily for 100 to 100,000 workspaces. Grader Than Workspaces offers 20%-80% savings and 150%-200% increased capacity compared to traditional hardware or virtual desktop solutions.

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We prioritize privacy and security. Workspaces are hosted remotely and isolated, while user data is encrypted during transfer and storage. Using a zero-trust architecture, we store your information redundantly across three US locations.

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Personal Computer

Grader Than Workspaces come with a full desktop to meet all your user’s general-purpose needs. They can serve as a student’s personal computer in the cloud, allowing them to have as many workspaces as they’d like at no additional cost.

Students can work from Linux or Mac Workspaces. Students, teachers, and administrators can install any desired software on their personal workspace, and administrators can also apply internet content filters for children.

Limitless Coding

Not only is Grader Than Workspace a Virtual Desktop, but it also serves as a ready-to-use computer programming workspace. It’s compatible with any programming language, thanks to its browser-based VS Code IDE and an assignment auto-grader.

VS Code, the industry-standard programming application, is trusted by over 14 million developers worldwide.

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Sign up to access exclusive Vita-Learn discount and free 1-year Grader Than Workspace cloud computer lab.


Upon completion of this form, we’ll create your school’s Grader Than account and your personal account. Please keep an eye out for an email from for information about your account. Once your account has been created anyone with your school’s email domain will be able to access a Grader Than Workspace.

Be Grader Than

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Unlimited user accounts, maximum 20 simultaneous active workspaces. Each workspace has a full virtual desktop with 2 vCPU, 16GB of RAM, and 10 Gb SSD.


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