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A session designed to demystify AI and give educators the necessary tools to maximize efficiency, shift mindsets, and support student wellness through innovative and ethical use of AI. Hosted by the United StatesDistance Learning Association.


Presenters: Seth Fleischauer and Travis Moyer, Banyan Global Learning

Seth Fleischauer is the president of Banyan Global Learning, which he founded in 2008 after teaching elementary school via NYC Teaching Fellows. With Banyan, Seth helps schools leverage technology for teacher and student wellness, including with AI Literacy PD for teachers and live virtual programs for students. Seth’s programs have reached more than 10,000 students on three continents and touched the lives of teachers and students globally. He is a frequent presenter at elite edtech conferences and the host of two podcasts: “Make It Mindful: An Education Podcast” and “Why Distance Learning?”

With a solid foundation in microbiology, Travis Moyer made a significant shift from lab research to high school science teaching, eagerly embracing the integration of technology into educational practices. At Banyan Global Learning, he started by crafting curriculum and teaching, quickly moving up to manage the elementary distance learning program. Amid the global pivot to virtual classrooms, Travis led the creation of projects focusing on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and digital citizenship, prioritizing character education through virtual means.

Currently leading AI integration for K-12 teacher development at Banyan, Travis leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) to innovate professional learning content. He advocates for the transformative potential of AI and virtual learning environments in reshaping educational practices towards personalized and immersive learning experiences. With a dedication to the ethical deployment and comprehensive understanding of AI in education, Travis is guiding educators and students towards a future enriched by AI in daily learning.

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