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Workshop Schedule

We are still accepting proposals for the Dynamic Landscapes Student Showcase, please submit your proposal now! While the regular workshop schedule appears set for Dynamic Landscapes, it is not uncommon for sessions to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. If you would like to be considered as an alternate presenter or for your ideas to be reviewed for inclusion in the Vermont Fest (Nov 6-8, 2024) conference, you may submit them at anytime!

Workshops and Presentations Information

Breaking Barriers: Inclusive EdTech Solutions for Diverse Learners with Megan Kuhn

Join Kami Teacher Success Champion, Megan Kuhn for a professional learning opportunity tailored for all those eager to enhance the learning experience for all students. This session is dedicated to exploring app integrations and accessibility features within Kami that are useful in supporting students with disabilities and English language learners. We will cover tools and strategies that empower educators to create an inclusive classroom that caters to the diverse needs of their students while breaking down barriers and creating an educational landscape that truly leaves no learner behind.

Building Confidence with Google Sheets! with John Moton

This session is designed for the educator who may be interested in better using programs such as Google Sheets or Excel, but do not have the confidence or active practice in using them on a daily basis to better their practice.

Topics such as formatting, functions and other easy tips and tricks will be explored to allow educators a chance to help break away from hesitations in using these programs and becoming more confident users.

Artificial Intelligence: Potential, Precautions, and Twenty AI Enhanced Apps That Will Save you Time and Blow Your Mind with Maureen Yoder

Time saving, astonishing, and free!  This session will cover powerful ways to use chatbots, such as ChatGPT, and will include teaching strategies to combat plagiarism and precautions necessary to protect student safety.  It will also celebrate the growing collection of promising, teacher-tested, AI enhanced tools.  There will be an overview of the newest and most inspiring apps from MagicSchool AI,, Curipod, and many others.  Some assist teachers in lesson planning, assessment, communication, and other daily tasks.  Others provide students with creative ways to express ideas using words, images, and animation.  Most will expand the possibilities we envision for our students and ourselves.  All are apps that we could not even imagine not too long ago.  The session will end with a raffle for tech door prizes.

Creating AI VoiceOvers and Video to Personalize Learning with Lucie deLaBruere

Imagine a world where your students get  personalized instruction from you in a language that makes instructional materials more accessible. Imagine parents receiving a personalized welcome video message from their teacher in a language they speak at home.

Today’s AI tools make the dream of personalize learning possible. In this hands on session, you will learn to easily create a video that looks like you and sounds like you to personalize instructional materials or home communication.  This session can help you better understand deep fakes, but it can also make instructional materials and school/home communication accessible in ways that were only an aspiration before AI. 

Creativity and Copyright in an Era of Generative AI with Suzanna Judson-Whitehouse

In the first five days it was available, the image “poisoning” tool Nightshade was downloaded over 250,000 times. The software’s developers admit they underestimated the potential interest in their tool, but we shouldn’t be surprised. Artists have been waiting for this tool, which they hope will protect their creative work from becoming a part of large language models that are the backbone of generative AI tools. 

Generative AI tools have the potential to lift up or tear down artists and other creatives. By looking through an intellectual property lens, educators have an opportunity to help students understand risks and opportunities presented by generative AI.

Building on our commitment to fostering responsible creators and consumers, we will explore practical strategies to empower students in navigating the ethical dimensions of intellectual property. Be part of this engaging discussion, where we unravel the complexities and chart a course for ethical and legal considerations in the ever-evolving landscape of copyright within the realm of AI-generated content.

Collaborative Explorations: Navigating AI’s Impact on Education with Renee Langevin

Join us for a meaningful discussion focused on the role of Artificial Intelligence in education. This session is an opportunity for you to be part of a collaborative effort to understand and explore how AI is changing teaching methods and personalizing learning experiences. We’ll discuss both the exciting possibilities and the challenges that AI presents in the educational sector.

This round table goes beyond simply receiving information; it’s a chance for active engagement and contribution. We encourage you to share your own experiences, learn from your peers, and together, contribute to the evolving conversation on how educators can effectively respond to the impact of AI in education. Based on the needs/wants of the round table, some areas of focus could be: Integrating AI in Education, Ethical Considerations, Addressing Equity and Accessibility, Privacy and Data Security, Managing Biases in AI, Impact on Learning Outcomes, Student Wellbeing and Social Implications, Future Prospects and Policy Development, and Long-term Implications.

If you’re interested in the future of learning and eager to participate in a thoughtful exploration of this topic, this round table is for you. Join us for a session that aims to offer more than the usual conference experience, as we work together to develop a shared understanding of the intersection between AI and education.

Delivering High Impact Instruction in Seesaw with Mia Leonard

Teachers will learn how to use Seesaw to deliver standards-aligned, high-quality, interactive instruction that empowers students to show their thinking and learning. In this session teachers will explore the Standards alignment tool to find supplemental lessons aligned to their curriculum.

Engaging and Connecting the Whole School Through WeVideo with Leanne Harple

Over the past year, high school students from Hazen Union School have been creating a weekly video news show called “Wildcat Wakeup” using the WeVideo platform. “Wildcat Wakeup” began as a morning announcement program aired over the public address system, and has evolved into a much more robust and engaging video program that combines creative writing, journalism and public speaking, as well as revision, editing, and use of technology and digital media. It brings the whole school together, not just through watching it but through the many interviews and feature stories that take place in the halls and in classrooms. Teachers and students can submit ideas for what should be covered each week, and student reporters seek them out to turn it into a story for everyone to enjoy. Our team covers major events, interviews new faculty so that students can get to know them beer, shares sports scores, celebrate student successes, and so much more. Weekly features such as “Hot Topics in the Hallway” poll students and adults for their opinions on the question of the week, and it is always fun to see what everyone said. Every Monday, the whole school tunes in, and teachers have reported back how much kids love seeing themselves and their friends on Wildcat Wakeup. One of the greatest parts about Wildcat Wakeup is that it is there is a role for everyone who wants to participate, including many students from our Special Education department. It is one of our most educationally diverse classes. Furthermore, the retakes and performance-based assessments make it a great example of puing proficiency- based learning into practice.

Student Showcase: Wildcat Wakeup students will be available at the Student Showcase to share more about this program. Additionally, they hope to create some content while at Dynamic Landscapes to share with everyone!

Exploring the Latest and Greatest Tools and Features in Kami with Oliver Tingling

Join us for an in-depth look at the latest and greatest tools and features in Kami, the leading online document collaboration platform. In this presentation, we will showcase the newest additions to Kami’s powerful suite of features, including real-time collaboration, advanced annotation tools, improved PDF editing capabilities, and much more. Whether you’re a seasoned Kami user or just getting started, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn about the cutting-edge tools and features that can help take your productivity to the next level. Join us and discover how Kami is revolutionizing the way we work and collaborate online.

Exploring Snowflake Bentley: A Holistic Approach to Integrating ISTE, Common Core, and NGSS Standards into a dynamic learning experience with Desirae Breault

Join us for an engaging presentation that explores the fusion of ISTE standards, Common Core State Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards to breathe life into a captivating unit centered around the classic book, “Snowflake Bentley.”

In this session, we will delve into the integration of these educational standards to create a multidimensional learning experience for young students. Participants will learn about innovative teaching strategies that leverage technology, literacy, and scientific exploration to enhance student learning.

Fostering Joyful Learning Experiences with Seesaw with Mia Leonard

In this session teachers will learn to drive student outcomes and bring learning to life through Seesaw’s unique creative and reflection tools. Learn the essentials tools for success. Document student learning in Seesaw and use Present to Class to bring whole group instruction to life. 

GenAI for Teachers and Students: A critical engagement toolkit with Suzanne Judson-Whitehouse

There is a lot of research, journalism, professional development resources and advice about genAI available online. Most of these resources focus on technical aspects of genAI, including ways to use it for teaching or maximize its effectiveness.

However, there are fewer resources out there that provide a scaffolded way for educators and students to engage reflectively with genAI and build the habits of mind that are useful for engaging with new technologies in thoughtful ways. 

While the growing use of genAI raises many questions to which there are no straightforward answers, this toolkit provides support for teachers and students to start these important conversations.

Intentional Connections & the STEAM Challenge with Lisa Helme

Six school teams will present their approach to solving the STEAM Challenge. The Vermont Agency of Education awarded grants of up to $15,000 each to schools to organize secondary student-educator teams to identify a problem to solve and then utilize a STEAM approach to come up with a solution. Hear first-hand how teachers implemented instructional plans to lead students through a discovery process that involved aspects of science, technology, engineering, the arts and math. What role did technology play in each project? Students will share their perspectives on the challenge. The teams presenting are from Enosburg Falls Middle and High School, Montpelier Main Street Middle School, Mill River Union School, Mt Anthony Union Middle School, Sutton School, and Vergennes Union Middle School. 

ISTE Certification: A Standout Achievement with Suzanne Judson-Whitehouse

**Are you curious about ISTE Certification? Ever wondered what all the buzz is about?** 

Here’s the scoop straight from our participants: ISTE Certification isn’t just any credential. It’s a standout achievement in the vast sea of learn-and-test certifications. It’s the spark that reignites your passion for teaching, the boost that elevates your edtech game, and the key to unlocking transformative approaches to technology in education. 

But that’s not all! It’s about stretching your thinking, supercharging your team’s collaboration across districts, and syncing up those unforgettable learning experiences with your school’s vision. Yes, it’s about making a *real* difference. 

**Join the adventure with Casey & Suzanne!** Dive into the ISTE Certification journey and discover how it can revolutionize your role as an educator.

Casey and Suzanne aren’t just any instructors – they’re your guides in this exploration, standing out as leaders among a select global group of ISTE Certification providers and the sole champions in New England. Known for their top-tier instruction, nurturing online learning environments, and generous learner support (at no extra cost!), they’re here to ensure your certification journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

**What’s on the agenda?** A lively discussion on the ISTE Standards for Educators, a walkthrough of the certification course, and an insider’s guide to the portfolio phase. All designed to empower you, the educator, with innovative instructional practices that transcend specific tools or platforms. 

Let Students Drive to Thrive: Leveraging Technology to Support Self-Pacing in the Classroom with Devin Schrock

Step into this immersive workshop to gain insights into how self-pacing can transform your teaching approach by empowering students to take ownership of their learning. Self-pacing ensures each student in your class is appropriately challenged and supported every day. Discover how to provide tailored learning experiences that cater to each student’s unique readiness and pace, whether they crave more challenge, require additional support, or are catching up. Learn how self- pacing, through the Modern Classrooms Project’s instructional framework, not only facilitates classroom differentiation but also assists students in developing essential self-regulation skills. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your classroom by exploring how to leverage technology to let your students drive to thrive!

Let’s Talk about TacoBot! with Heather Skrabely and Brittany Hubacz

How can you engage students in robotics? With TACOBOT! Join us to learn how you can use the FREE Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy program to engage your students in hands-on learning using SPIKE Prime Robotics.

We will explore how to use the LEGO SPIKE Prime robots, along with the Coding and Computational Thinking curriculum to get students thinking about programming and problem-solving. These lessons help learners foster Computational Thinking using the SPIKE Prime hardware and SPIKE programming app.

The Questions We Ask: Teacher Tricks for all Tech Levels with Lisa Holderness

Slow Tech? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Come walk into a room of cool stuff (mostly science and engineering focused) and shift focus to the big why’s and bigger how’s – including “How do we create equity in the classroom?”. I’ll demo & discuss a slowed-down question & reflection approach to “cool stuff” in science and engineering (including SPIKE Prime kits) that can level the playing field, build interest, systems thinking, communication & collaboration, other engineering skills, and give us evidence of student thinking.

Revolutionize Your Classroom: Mastering Kami for Interactive Learning and Seamless Grading with Megan Kuhn

This session is tailor-made for educators seeking to elevate their teaching methods by harnessing the power of Kami, a versatile tool that not only serves as a dynamic replacement for Google Jamboard but also revolutionizes the grading and feedback process. Whether you are new to Kami or looking to deepen your expertise, this presentation promises to equip you with the skills and insights needed to transform your classroom into an interactive and efficient learning space. Join us and discover how Kami can empower you to reimagine your teaching methods and provide richer learning experiences for your students.

Creative Computing Using TurtleStitch & Turtle Art with Lucie deLaBruere

A hands on session where you will create with code you can touch using Turtle Stitch and Turtle Art. 
and export your code  in a format that can work with embroidery machines, craft cutters (i.e. Cricut), laser cutters, and 3D printers.  Teaching computational thinking by programming Turtles using Logo was part of Seymour Papert’s work more than 50 years ago and continues to be an accessible and pedagogically sound approach to including computational thinking in your learning environment. Let’s create with Code! 

Teacher Tech Tips for Productivity with Chris Johnstone

Sometimes all it takes is the right technology tip to make your day run smoother, or make lesson planning quicker or easier. When you feel comfortable navigating technology devices and apps in your own personal and teacher workflows, you will feel more comfortable integrating technology in your lessons with students. We will showcase a diversity of technology tips focused on your teacher productivity. From the keyboard shortcuts everyone should know to managing your Chrome tabs and Google Drive, you’re sure to find that tech tip or hack you didn’t know you needed! 

Twenty-four for ’24: Tools, Trends and Technologies to Inspire & Motivate with Maureen Yoder

This will be a lightning fast session that is a totally updated version of my 2023 Dynamic Landscapes Twenty-three for ’23 session. What promising, free tools are available that you could implement on Monday? What’s new with virtual and augmented reality apps? There will be an overview of ChatGPT, and other artificial intelligence apps, including strategies for using them safely and thoughtfully in classrooms. You will learn about inexpensive little drones and robots and where to find millions of free resources and authentic artifacts that are royalty free. Hear about technologies and innovative ideas that do not yet exist at the time this session was proposed. The term “Electronic Constructivism” was coined by this presenter, a former classroom teacher, who will link these technologies to what it is all about: Good Teaching. No experience necessary – just your curiosity, enthusiasm about teaching, and a sense of humor. Participants will receive links to all resources and technologies. The session will end with a raffle for techy door prizes.

Unleashing Kami’s Hidden Gems: Advanced Tips and Tricks with Oliver Tingling

Join us for an in-depth exploration of Kami’s most advanced features and discover hidden gems that will revolutionize your digital workflow. From collaborative annotation tools to advanced markup options, this presentation will equip you with the knowledge and skills to take your digital document management to the next level.

Unlocking Research: Using Escape Rooms to Boost Information Literacy Skills with Jessica Tingling

Escape rooms have gained popularity as engaging, interactive experiences that challenge participants to solve puzzles, think critically, and work collaboratively to “escape” from a themed room. What if we could harness the excitement of escape rooms to promote literacy skills in the classroom? In this session, we will explore how educators can create literacy-focused escape room experiences to enhance research and resource engagement in students. We will discuss the benefits of this approach, share practical strategies for designing escape room lessons, and provide examples of successful implementations. From potential themes to creating your own puzzles, we will discuss and share tips and resources to create your own escape room literacy lesson. Join us in unlocking the potential of escape rooms as a dynamic tool for fostering literacy in learners.

Using Formative Assessment to Support Responsive Instruction with Mia Leonard

Teachers will learn how to assign, view and use formative assessments in Seesaw to glean meaningful insights into student understanding in order to make data-informed instructional decisions. 

WeVideoBootcamp with Edith Fogarty

WeVideo is a powerful content creation tool that can be used by teachers and students alike. Allow students to demonstrate their learning in a creative, engaging way. I have used it with students as young as 3rd grade. Come learn the basics of how to create a movie or animation using this amazing tool!

Wow them with WeVideo! with Genevieve Gallagher

Do you have resources that you want to publicize? Information that might get lost in an email? Use WeVideo’s built-in resources and screen recording features to create professional-quality promotional videos and tutorials for your students, staff, and families. Whether you want to get parents and students using your audiobooks, empower students and staff to place their own holds for library materials, or if there are new technology tools you want to introduce, WeVideo has free images, music, and video content that are all copyright-free and high quality. There’s also the capability to layer images using “green screen” techniques (even without a green screen). This session will include an overview of the WeVideo resources and techniques that can be used immediately to create short and engaging videos as well as examples of successful video projects.

You can do that with Google Forms? Oh the possibilities! with John Moton

Do you actively use Google Forms? Do you use Google Sheets?

Whether you actively use either of them, or are a new user, there are some great things already built in across both programs you can use to create a form that allows you to pull and combine data that helps to maintain records, check for understanding on the fly, and inform student learning across multiple data points.

In this session we will quickly explore the basic ins and outs of how a Google Form can be created and how the data from the form is shared both in Google Forms and Google Sheets.

Once complete, participants will spend our time creating a form which they can use for their own “launchpad” for practice back at their own schools.

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